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P57-128579-1T Bosch NVMNBosch NVMN combo kit 24 volt with 2 batterys and charger (sawzall, circular saw, skill saw, flashlight) *drill did not work
P57-161226-1T John Deere TY19977John Deere TY19977 WRENCH SET In black bag
P57-176771-1T Rigid R83001Rigid R83001 Combo Kit 14.4v (2/bc) drill & impact in blk/orange
B57-187437-3A Pilot BLUEPilot BLUE led light bar New in package
P57-192958-1E Asus K60IAsus K60I LAPTOP COMPUTER Win 7, 4 gb ram, pentium dual core, 500 g hd
B57-197615-2T Senco NONESenco NONE STAPLER-AIR
B57-199488-3T Matco RPT102Matco RPT102 cooling system pressure tester In case, 4 pieces
P57-199648-3E Google NC2-6A5Google NC2-6A5 chromecast In white box
P57-200032-3T Power Built NVMPower Built NVM SOCKET SET
B57-202001-2T NONE NVSNNONE NVSN garden plow Green
P57-201223-1S Coleman NVSNColeman NVSN TENT New
P57-201224-2E PS4 NVSNPS4 NVSN controller W/cord
P57-201238-2T Central Pneumatic NVMNCentral Pneumatic NVMN IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red
P57-201248-1T Mvp SUPERLIFT F-395WMMvp SUPERLIFT F-395WM jack Red
P57-201250-1T Stanley J45C09Stanley J45C09 Jump Starter Blk/silver (450amp/900amp peak)
P57-201252-1T Ryobi P237Ryobi P237 DRILL-CORDLESS 18v lithium (1b/c) drill (no cse)
P57-201253-1T Rigid R7001Rigid R7001 Drill-electric In orange/blk cse
P57-201270-1E EdenPure A3705EdenPure A3705 heater In org box
P57-201290-3T Dewalt DW317Dewalt DW317 orbital jigsaw In black case
P57-201291-2A Lynn Peavey Company NVMNLynn Peavey Company NVMN fingerprint scaning kit In black case
P57-201334-1E X360 Slim 250GBX360 Slim 250GB GAME SYSTEM W/power cord, hdmi, 2controllers, kinect
P57-201338-1T Metrinch NVSNMetrinch NVSN socket srt In black case
P57-201338-3T Curt NVSNCurt NVSN hich Nvsn
P57-201356-1T Impack 770752Impack 770752 welding helmet Camo
P57-201363-1E Razor HOVERTRAX 2.0Razor HOVERTRAX 2.0 Hoverboard Scooter In orig box (w/extra battery) w/charger
P57-201367-1E Dirt Devil NVSNDirt Devil NVSN stem mop Red
P57-201375-1T Milwaukee 6521-50Milwaukee 6521-50 Orbital Super Sawzall-elec In bag (w/couple blades)
P57-201431-1E Lenovo 1066Lenovo 1066 COMPUTER-LAPTOP Blk cse (win7, 4gb/500gb, core i5) password=mattirae10
B57-201527-1E Nintendo NVSNNintendo Wii (white) NVSN GAME SYSTEM No box
B57-202359-1E Xbox One S 500GBXbox One S 500GB GAME SYSTEM In orig box (w/power brick, hdmi cord & controller)
B57-202368-1S Buck 110Buck 110 KNIFE In case, folding
B57-202373-1T Matco Tools MD9001NMatco Tools MD9001N Automotive Scanner In blk "black & decker" bag
B57-202426-1T Ridgid NVSNRidgid NVSN drill combo kit W/2 18v b
B57-129898-1T MAKITA HK1810MAKITA HK1810 power scraper In case with chisels
B57-129904-2C Game Stop AFTERGLOWGame Stop corded ps3 controller None
P57-124941-1G REMINGTON 710REMINGTON 710 RIFLE-BOLT In hard black case
P57-128505-1E Samsung BD-C5900Samsung BD-C5900 blu-ray player Samsung blu-ray dvd player w/remote, 3d
B57-129896-1M Zildjian QUICK BEATZildjian QUICK BEAT cymbals Top and bottom w/ stand
B57-129957-4A Coach F0867-13026Coach F0867-13026 purse Brown
B57-129957-5A Coach G1051-F15510Coach G1051-F15510 purse Brown
B57-129802-1C silver coin set Set of12
B57-130039-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 13.9g 14kt gold diamond ring 13.9g 1~45pts, 32~4pts or less
P57-128644-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1*20
B57-130059-1T Proctor 16'Proctor 16' wall jacks (pair) Pair of wall jacks
B57-130104-1E Canon POWERSHOT A560Canon POWERSHOT A560 DIGITAL CAMERA 7.1mp (w/2gb sd card)
P57-128794-1T HUTCHENS 2023HUTCHENS 2023 air sander Inline
P57-128682-1T Matco NVMNMatco NVMN DRILL BIT SET Small red cse
P57-128752-1E Nintendo DS LITENintendo DS LITE GAME SYSTEM Pink nintendo ds
B57-130118-1A Marlboro CHAMPION ROPE SLINGERMarlboro CHAMPION ROPE SLINGER belt buckle Marlboro champion robe slinger belt buckle in box -womens-
B57-130118-2A Marlboro CHAMPION ROPE SLINGERMarlboro CHAMPION ROPE SLINGER belt buckle Marlboro champion rope slinger in belt buckle in box -mens-
B57-130118-3A Marlboro CHAMPION ROPE SLINGERMarlboro CHAMPION ROPE SLINGER belt buckle
P57-129056-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1/50pt round (fairly included w/carbon spots)
B57-130374-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g 1/25pt princess
P57-121791-102A America The Beautiful Stein
P57-121791-104A Avon (Football design) Stein
P57-121791-105A Zoller & Born - Made in Germany Stein 799 of 5000
P57-121791-106A Ein Frohes Hei3 (No top) nvsn Stein
P57-121791-108A Avon - (Baseball Design) Stein
P57-121791-113A NVMN (Made in Japan) guy playing guitar next to couple (no top)
P57-122776-2T No Make NVMNNo Make NVMN JUMPER CABLE Red and black
P57-126398-1A Kirby NVMNKirby NVMN VACUUM CLEANER With carpet cleaner and attachments (still in boxes)
B57-130489-2S Winchester NVMNWinchester NVMN KNIFE Folding milti-knife
B57-130633-2J 14kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 1@20
P57-129244-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 3.4g 1@20
P57-129166-1E Garmin ETREXGarmin ETREX gps Yellow in black case
B57-130588-1E Nintendo Gamecube DOL-001Nintendo Gamecube DOL-001 GAME SYSTEM Nintendo gamecube game system w/controller
B57-130597-1T Central Pneumatic NVMNCentral Pneumatic NVMN IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red
P57-129226-1T Ryobi P206Ryobi P206 Combo Kit Blu bag
P57-129226-2T No Make NVMNNo Make NVMN various concrete tools 9pc (in blk bag)
P57-129226-4T No Make NVMNNo Make NVMN Traffic Cones Set of 3
P57-129374-1E Sony PS2Sony PS2 GAME SYSTEM Ps2 with 1 controller and all av cables
B57-130729-2T No Make NVMNNo Make NVMN GRINDER-AIR No make air grinder
P57-129291-1E Dxg DEXG-565VDxg DEXG-565V CAMCORDER With cords
P57-125727-1J 14kt necklace 4.6g Diamond pendant @40pts
B57-130863-1T Dremel 800Dremel 800 dremel In grey case
B57-130863-2T Dremel 145PC KITDremel 145PC KIT dremel accessory kit Missing 1 piece
B57-130975-2E Flip 4GBFlip 4GB CAMCORDER In original box
B57-130975-3E Fujifilm FINEPIXZFujifilm FINEPIXZ DIGITAL CAMERA 7.2mp w/ charger
P57-129591-1E Apple 8GB, 4THApple 8GB, 4TH MP3 PLAYER With computer cord, dented, scratched
B57-131113-2L Rockford Fosgate NVMNRockford Fosgate NVMN capacitor 1 farad
P57-129647-1T Milwaukee 8975Milwaukee 8975 HEAT GUN Red
B57-131009-1T B&D PS7200B&D PS7200 cordless drill In blk bag
B57-131119-3S Winchester NVMNWinchester NVMN KNIFE Winchester folding knife no case
P57-129870-1E Artic Air NVMNArtic Air NVMN air hockey table W/paddles etc
P57-129808-1T CORNWELL NVMNCORNWELL NVMN ratchet Swivel head
P57-129879-2T ALLIED NVMNALLIED NVMN bottle jack In black case
P57-129913-4C wii guitar Lots of stickers
B57-131336-1E Apple MB732LLApple MB732LL MP3 PLAYER Ipod nano 8gb
B57-131344-1G Smith & Wesson SW40CSmith & Wesson SW40C HNDGN-SEMI W/2Clips
B57-131163-1J 14kt gold diamond ring 2.6g 1~15pts
P57-126354-2J 14kt necklace 12.2g Omega style in red/ gold box
P57-128022-1J 14kt GOLD RING 1.7g With diamond 1@35pts
P57-108938-1E Sony DCR-TRV250Sony DCR-TRV250 CAMCORDER In black and tan case
B57-131510-1E JL Audio G1700JL Audio G1700 amp-car Jl audio car amp 700w
P57-130085-1T Larin DQY-4000Larin DQY-4000 CAR JACK With handle
B57-163428-2J 14kt necklace 3.8g With heart pendant
B57-163469-4J 14kt EARRINGS 0.4g Leaves
B57-163789-1E Emerson LC320EM2Emerson LC320EM2 FLAT PANEL LCD TV 32" with remote
P57-162669-1E Apple MC989LLApple MC989LL tablet White
P57-140450-1S Plano NVMNPlano NVMN tackle box Some lures
P57-162721-1E Xbox 360Xbox 360 GAME SYSTEM 20 g orig
P57-162806-1T No Make NVMNNo Make NVMN CAR JACK Red (w/pole)
P57-162847-1S Desert Eagle .50EADesert Eagle .50EA BB GUN Desert eagle style
P57-162888-1E Sony PS 3 FAT 60GBSony PS 3 FAT 60GB GAME SYSTEM With cords 1 controller and charging cord for controller
B57-163804-1S Kabar 1607Kabar 1607 folding knife Black
B57-163896-1E Bushnell NONEBushnell NONE range finder Golf, nib
B57-163879-2E Flips Audio FLIPSFlips Audio FLIPS HEAD PHONES In black and green case
P57-162864-4T Hss 1/2 "Hss 1/2 " reamer No tube
P57-162866-1A Various NVSNVarious NVSN painting Sail boats
P57-162675-1J 10kt BRACLET 11.1g No stones
P57-162592-2J Fossil BLUEWRIST WATCH Ladies (silver band/blue face) some small scratches
P57-162707-1E Sony SMART WATCH 2Sony SMART WATCH 2 smart watch In box
B57-163601-1J loose diamond 30 pt
B57-163827-1J 14kt ring 2.5g 4 small stones, 20 stones down sides
P57-158976-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g 5/20pt round
P57-163080-2T Milwaukee FUELM18Milwaukee FUELM18 drill 2 batteries and charger
P57-163154-1E Sony SRS-BTV5Sony SRS-BTV5 SPEAKER In bag
P57-163068-1A Filterqueen DEFENDERFilterqueen DEFENDER air purifier Black with cord
P57-161244-1S MCDERMOTT NVMNMCDERMOTT NVMN POOL CUE Leprachaun(?) near bottom by shamrock mcdermott symbol
P57-163281-2T Bostitch RN45B-1Bostitch RN45B-1 Coil Roofing Nailer-air Orange/blk
P57-163341-1E Polk Audio CS250-SPolk Audio CS250-S Center Channel Speaker W/cover (split on side)
P57-163243-1E Eton LLFRX1WXSEton LLFRX1WXS Hand Turbine AM/FM Radio In orig box
B57-164254-1E Sylvania SYTAB10MT 10" 2GBSylvania SYTAB10MT 10" 2GB tablet With charger
B57-164253-1J SSkt silverwear 500g Bunch
P57-162922-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 4.2g 4/04pt round
P57-163167-1J bead 16-chamilia
P57-163167-3J bead Cat chamilia
B57-164047-2J Loose Diamond 1/50pt emerald cut
P57-176783-1E Asus U57AAsus U57A LAPTOP COMPUTER 720 gb hd, 6g ram, intel i5 2.5ghz *pass-hondacivic21* cap-h.
B57-177969-1T CORNWELL 350CORNWELL 350 IMPACT DRIVER Silver and black
B57-178016-3T NONE NVMNNONE NVMN MISC.TOOLS Hammer/gloves
B57-178027-4T Craftsman 910692Craftsman 910692 Car Buffer In orig box
B57-178054-1E Dlink DCS-933LDlink DCS-933L DIGITAL CAMERA Hooks to cpu
P57-176027-2J 14kt Scrap Gold 7.2g 2 rings/1 scrap
P57-175574-1J 14kt ring 4.2g 33 pt round
P57-175872-1J 14kt ring 6g 1@50 round 2@15 marq
B57-177449-1J pandora Ebay
P57-176881-1E Apple MD717LL/AApple MD717LL/A MP3 PLAYER W/charger
P57-176881-2E Monster MBLPCARDMonster MBLPCARD phone charger Blue w/cord
B57-178230-1E Lg HBS-750Lg HBS-750 Bluetooth headset W/charger & replacement buds
B57-178368-1E Pandigital R70F453Pandigital R70F453 tablet Black pandigital tablet
B57-178373-1E Dell E SERIESDell E SERIES monitor In box
B57-178373-3E Dell 1907FPCDell 1907FPC monitor With cords
P57-176879-3E JAM HX-P710JAM HX-P710 blue tooth speaker With cord
P57-177007-1E Sony PCG-61317LSony PCG-61317L COMPUTER-LAPTOP Win7, 2.40ghz core i3, 4gb/500gb hdrve, bluray
P57-177060-1E Sony HCD-X1Sony HCD-X1 Dvd Home Theater W/remote & cords (sub, 2 spkers & unit)
P57-177069-1S No Make NVMNNo Make NVMN KNIFE Blk
P57-177069-2T Larin JS-2Larin JS-2 Jack Stands Pair (silver/red)
B57-178117-2E Jawbone JAMBOXJawbone JAMBOX blue tooth speaker Red smaller with charger
B57-178117-4E Motorola NVMNMotorola NVMN external hard drive Grey with cord
B57-178186-1T K-T Industries NVMNK-T Industries NVMN Welding Helmet Blk
B57-178248-2E Nintendo WII Nintendo WII GAME SYSTEM 1 remote 1 chuck
P57-177016-1E Samsung PN42A450P1DSamsung PN42A450P1D TV With remote
B57-178220-1E SENNHEISER PC 363DSENNHEISER PC 363D HEAD PHONES Disc for install
B57-178279-2A Coach COLLETTECoach COLLETTE wallet Red- inside purse
P57-176748-1J 14kt ring 5.5g Band
P57-177002-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 1/20pt 10/01 all round
B57-177913-1J 14kt GOLD RING 3.5g Small dia
B57-178202-1J 14kt ring 14g Mens neil lane with small diamonds
P57-177191-1E Fujifilm FINEOIX S8600Fujifilm FINEOIX S8600 DIGITAL CAMERA In box
P57-177194-1E Polaroid A/S7Polaroid A/S7 tablet With power in cse
B57-187463-4T Black & Decker BDCDE120Black & Decker BDCDE120 DRILL-CORDLESS In orig box (1b/c) 20v lithium
B57-187469-1T Snap On 14.4 VOLTSnap On 14.4 VOLT cordless drill With 1 charger 1 batt
B57-187469-2T 3m 12000 RPM3m 12000 RPM random orbital sander Red and grey
B57-187471-1S Patternmaster ANACONDAPatternmaster ANACONDA choke tube New mid range
B57-187484-1T DUO-FAST KN-1848ADUO-FAST KN-1848A STAPLER-AIR Blue (no air hose piece/tested w/one of custpomers)
P57-184584-1S St Croix BIG DAWGSt Croix BIG DAWG FISH ROD & REEL With orange lure cork handle blue rod with shimano reel
P57-184743-4E Go Pro REMOTEGo Pro REMOTE remote In fishing tackle box
B57-187660-1M Esteban VL-100Esteban VL-100 Acoustic/Electric Guitar Blk cse
P57-186170-3T Panasonic EY6432Panasonic EY6432 DRILL-CORDLESS 15.6v (2b/c) drill
P57-186170-5T Senco SFN40Senco SFN40 Finish Nailer-air Blk cse "shep" in magic marker multiple places on it
P57-186599-2T MASTER MECHANIC MM8560MASTER MECHANIC MM8560 Drill-electric Blk
P57-186651-1T Graco 16N659Graco 16N659 PAINT SPRAYER In blue box
P57-186680-1T Import PRECISION LEVELImport PRECISION LEVEL precision level Tan case
P57-186683-3C Iconcepts DSIIconcepts charging station Car charger
P57-186706-1T Black & Decker BDBN125Black & Decker BDBN125 Brad Nailer 18g (red/blk)
B57-187704-2T Snap On 3/8"Snap On 3/8" air hammer Green
P57-186152-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g 1/25pt round
P57-186152-2J 14kt DIAMOND RING 1.5g 1/15pt round
B57-187388-5J 14kt DIAMOND RING 7g 3/10pt round
P57-184167-3J Maui Jim sunglasses In orig case, a little beat up, but can send in for lifetime warranty to replace
P57-183838-1M Roland XP-30Roland XP-30 KEYBOARD In black case
P57-186664-3M KINGSTON MIJKINGSTON MIJ amplifier Vintage
B57-187914-2A Royal DG200Royal DG200 DIGITAL SCALE Metal and black
P57-186738-1E ILIVE BTILIVE BT bluetooth headphone Black with charger
P57-186738-3E No Make 2200MAHNo Make 2200MAH portable charger Black with charging cord
P57-186795-1E Trio GI 7Trio GI 7 Tablet In keyboard case
P57-186813-1E JAM HX-P540BJAM HX-P540B Bluetooth Speaker Red/grey (w/small red usb charging cord)
P57-186816-2E JAM HX-HP420JAM HX-HP420 HEAD PHONES Red and black
P57-186840-1E JAM HX-HP420JAM HX-HP420 HEAD PHONES Red and black / no charging cord
B57-187781-1A LCDVF LCDVFLCDVF LCDVF CAMERA LENS For nikon in black case
P57-192966-1E Macbook PRO 2Macbook PRO 2 LAPTOP COMPUTER 2.4ghz, core i54gb ram, 500gb hd
P57-193053-2T Hitachi CR13VBYHitachi CR13VBY Reciprocating Saw
P57-192693-1A Milwaukee BRAUNMilwaukee BRAUN Jersey In frame
P57-193126-1M Nemko SCARLET 2I4Nemko SCARLET 2I4 Audio Interface Red no cable
P57-193126-2T King Craft 9105-08King Craft 9105-08 SPRAY GUN-AIR In box
P57-193151-1E Samsung SM-R360Samsung SM-R360 FIT BIT W/ charger
P57-193169-1E Amazon SV98L9Amazon SV98L9 tablet In red case with charger
P57-193248-1M DEAN NVMNDEAN NVMN Electric Guitar No cse (brown)
B57-194243-2S Hoppes NVMNHoppes NVMN Cleaning Kit For pistol
B57-194275-1E Sanyo FWBP505 KSanyo FWBP505 K Bluray Player W/remote
B57-194351-3M Meinl RAKEMeinl RAKE HI-HAT STAND W/ logo
B57-194356-2S St Croix X RODSt Croix X ROD FISHING ROD In brown case
B57-194394-1M The Intellitouch Tuner NVMNThe Intellitouch Tuner NVMN Guitar Tuner Blk pouch
B57-194394-2M Boss AB-2Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Off-green
P57-190432-1E Microsoft Xbox 360 XBOX 360Microsoft Xbox 360 XBOX 360 GAME SYSTEM Xbox360
P57-190832-2E PS4 BLACKPS4 BLACK Controller No charging cord
P57-191099-2E X360 Slim 4GBX360 Slim 4GB GAME SYSTEM W/cords, kinect & controller
P57-193093-1E Xbox One 1540Xbox One 1540 GAME SYSTEM In box
P57-193196-3T HUSKY NONEHUSKY NONE NAILER-AIR Framing in box
P57-193240-5T Wagner 705Wagner 705 Power Steamer In orig box
B57-194277-2T No Make NONENo Make NONE EXTENTION CORD Orange
P57-192882-102M ETA PD8L
P57-193279-1M Fender CD100/12 NATFender CD100/12 NAT guitar acc. In cse
P57-193307-1L Jl Audio JX500/1DJl Audio JX500/1D AMPLIFIER Small
P57-193324-1L Phoenix Gold M50Phoenix Gold M50 CAR AMP White (2ch)into 4 ohms @ 12.5/14.4 vdc 50/85 wrms x 2 into 2 ohms @ 14.4 vdc 120 wrms x 2 bridged into 4 ohms @ 14.4 vdc 245 wrms x 1
B57-194521-1E Sony SRS-BTV5Sony SRS-BTV5 Blutooth Speaker Pink
P57-192442-1T Masterforce 2085010Masterforce 2085010 coil nailer Green and grey
P57-193408-1T Coleman 800,000Coleman 800,000 light Car
P57-193447-1E X360 Slim 20GBX360 Slim 20GB GAME SYSTEM W/20gb hdrive, power brick & controller & av cord
B57-194465-1T Sanborn 400Sanborn 400 IMPACT DRIVER In org box
B57-197630-2T County Line MINI DRILLCounty Line MINI DRILL GRINDER
B57-197672-1S ALLEN X82122ALLEN X82122 Gun Sleeve
B57-197703-1T Black & Decker RS500Black & Decker RS500 SAWZALL
B57-197732-1E Sony Ps3 CECH-2501ASony Ps3 CECH-2501A Ps3 Slim
B57-197803-1S Ripstik NSVNRipstik NSVN
P57-191539-1J 10kt gold rings 7.7g Scrap
P57-191689-1J 10kt GOLD RING Small diamonds
P57-192775-1J 10kt GOLD RING 2g Not diamond
P57-195566-1J 14kt GOLD BAND 8.7g Thick gold band
P57-195686-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g Cluster (small diam)
P57-195691-1J 10kt scrap rings 4.1g 2
P57-195733-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1@13
P57-195820-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1@18
P57-195907-1J 10kt GOLD RING 1.3g White stone
P57-195976-1J 14kt GOLD BAND 3.7g 3.7
P57-196327-1J 10kt GOLD RING 2.7g 2 round green stones
P57-196327-2J 10kt Gold Pendant 1.8g Green teardrop (chain not gold)
P57-196510-1J 10kt Ring 2g W/ small diamonds
P57-196650-1J 14kt Gold Necklace 1.7g W/ 2 small rings
B57-196711-1J 14kt gold pendent 2.4g Gold cross
B57-196726-1J 10kt Scrap Gold Bracelet 5g Round
B57-196726-2J 14kt Scrap Gold Earrings 1.4g Pair
B57-196769-1J Unknown 14kt GOLD BAND 1.8g White gold 10k 1.8grms
B57-196820-1J GOLD RING 3.5g 2
B57-196820-3J GOLD RING 1.9g 1
B57-196810-1J 10kt Gold Pendant 1.6g Cross
B57-196891-1J 14kt scrap gold 9.4g Bunch
B57-196868-1J 10kt scrap gold 3.6g Misc
B57-196938-1J 10kt SCRAP GOLD RING 5.4g Class ring
B57-196945-1J 14kt GOLD RING 7.2g 3 tiny (1pt round) diam
B57-197018-1J 14kt Gold Chain 7.7g 14k 7.7
B57-197031-1J 10kt Gold Chain 0.8g .8 grams
B57-197078-1J 14kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g 1/70pt (5.8mm) 2/14 (3.3mm) all round (band 18/01pt)
B57-197138-1J 10kt scrap gold band 2.7g Hearts/hands/crown
B57-197138-2J 14kt scrap gold ring 18.5g 3 rings, 1 pendant (gb helpef/verfied class ring as 14kt y)
B57-197045-1J silver coins 8-1oz .999 fine silver (1 morgan)
B57-197185-1J 14kt GOLD NECKLACE 3.8g 14k 3.8
P57-195047-1J 14kt GOLD BAND 10.7g 10.7 yellow
P57-187755-1J 14kt necklace 8.7g With white stone diamonds not real
P57-187755-2J 10kt ring 4.8g Large pearl stone
P57-191596-1J 10kt GOLD RING 1.2g Small red marquee