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From small caliber to large, pistols and long guns – we have firearms.  Whether you’re looking for a.30-06 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, a .38 revolver, or anything in between, we probably have it.  We buy and sell guns of all kinds. We do FFL transfers and private party transfers as well!


P57-232588-1Smith & WessonM&P 22 COMPACTSmith & Wesson M&P 22 COMPACT HNDGN-SEMI In org box$409.99
P57-232546-1REMINGTON742 WOODMASTERREMINGTON 742 WOODMASTER Rifle-semi W/mag (no cse)$200
P57-232159-1Stevens110EStevens 110E RIFLE-BOLT$314.99
P57-232061-1Mossberg500Mossberg 500 SHTGN-PUMP Rifled slug barrel$300
P57-231299-1Stevens56Stevens 56 RIFLE-BOLT (no mag)$89.99
P57-230274-1MarlinMODEL 989GMarlin MODEL 989G RILFE-SEMI W/1 mag$150
P57-230054-1DPMS (Panther Arms)A-15DPMS (Panther Arms) A-15 Rifle-semi 1mag$849.99
P57-229792-1Smith & WessonSHIELD 9 2.0Smith & Wesson SHIELD 9 2.0 HNDGN-SEMI In tan plastic holster, 1 mag$400
P57-214506-1Mosin Nagant446Mosin Nagant 446 RIFLE-BOLT$349.99
P57-201445-1BrowningA-5Browning A-5 Shotgun-semi No cse$529.99
P57-200087-1BrowningLIGHT TWELVE AUTO-5Browning LIGHT TWELVE AUTO-5 Shotgun-semi$949.99
P57-177542-1CHARLES DALYMAXI MAGCHARLES DALY MAXI MAG Shotgun-semi Blk cse$199.99
P57-177409-1BrowningA-5 LIGHT 12Browning A-5 LIGHT 12 Shotgun-semi Camo cse$799.99
P57-158947-1Noble67XNoble 67X Shotgun-pump No cse$99.99
P57-143120-1Smith & WessonCTGSmith & Wesson CTG Revolver .32 Double Action$124.99
P57-124941-1REMINGTON710REMINGTON 710 RIFLE-BOLT In hard black case$294.99
N57-193585SDSPX-9SDS/Zigana PX-9 9MM 4'' Striker Fired 2 18Rd$399.99
N57-193583EAAMC28SAEEA/Girsan MC28SAT 9MM 4.25'' Duo Optics 15RD$449.99
N57-193582EAAMC28SAEEA/Girsan MC28SAT 9MM 4.25'' Duo Optics 15RD$449.99
BH57-193212Silver EagleTAC PROSilver Eagle Tac Pro Shotgun 12ga 3''$679.99
BH57-193211Silver EagleTAC PROSilver Eagle Tac Pro Shotgun 12ga 3''$679.99
BH57-193210Silver EagleTAC PROSilver Eagle Tac Pro Shotgun 12ga 3''$679.99
BH57-193209Silver EagleTAC PROSilver Eagle Tac Pro Shotgun 12ga 3''$679.99
B57-233321-3BrowningA5Browning A5 SHTGN-SEMI Crack stock and forearm$329.99
B57-233321-1EnfieldNO 4 MK 1Enfield NO 4 MK 1 RIFLE-BOLT Sporterized$499.99
B57-233166-1Iver JohnsonNVMNIver Johnson NVMN Revolver No cse$100
B57-232796-1RugerNEW MODEL BLACKHAWKRuger NEW MODEL BLACKHAWK HNDGN-REV With white grips$769.99
B57-230246-1Winchester12Winchester 12 SHTGN-PUMP Old$60
B57-224503-1STOEGER2000STOEGER 2000 SHTGN-PUMP This is a re purchase$200
B57-219465-1REMINGTONWOODMASTER 742REMINGTON WOODMASTER 742 Rifle-semi W/mag$219.99
B57-217922-1WinchesterSXPWinchester SXP Shotgun-pump Repurchase/not fireable due to drill holes for scope/ could blow up?!$250
B57-215148-1SAVAGE340CSAVAGE 340C RIFLE-BOLT$64.99
B57-210567-1Ranger101.11Ranger 101.11 Rifle-semi$99.99
B57-188845-1SAVAGE111SAVAGE 111 RIFLE-BOLT Was a purchase-back from customer..Claims doesn’t fire always..$249.99
B57-188213-1Springfield Armory1898Springfield Armory 1898 RIFLE-BOLT With scope$336
B57-180958-1Mossberg377 PLINKSTERMossberg 377 PLINKSTER RILFE-SEMI No case$99.99
B57-175365-1Coast To CoastCC779Coast To Coast CC779 RIFLE-LEVR No case- buy back from customer$209.99
B57-174354-1Smith & Wesson1000 SUPER 12Smith & Wesson 1000 SUPER 12 Shotgun-semi No cse$199.99
B57-166292-1Smith & Wesson.38Smith & Wesson .38 revolver No case$109.99
B57-155959-1ITHACAM-87 FEATHERLIGHTITHACA M-87 FEATHERLIGHT shotgun-pump No cse ''deerslayer''$199.99
B57-154399-1REMINGTONMOHAWK 48REMINGTON MOHAWK 48 Shotgun-semi No cse$159.99
B57-153435-1BrowningBRS STALKERBrowning BRS STALKER SHTGN-PUMP No case$189.99
B57-151840-1Mosin NagantRUSSIANMosin Nagant RUSSIAN RIFLE-BOLT Blk$139.99
B57-145231-1Marlin60Marlin 60 rifle-semi No cse$163.8
B57-145204-1Mossberg352K-BMossberg 352K-B Rifle-semi W/clip (repurchase from customer/doesn’t fire properly)$70
B57-135009-1REMINGTON597VTRREMINGTON 597VTR rifle-semi In blue sock broken 2 clips$1
B57-131344-1Smith & WessonSW40CSmith & Wesson SW40C HNDGN-SEMI W/2Clips$249.99
B57-126953-1REMINGTON760REMINGTON 760 RIFLE-PUMP W/ scope$377.98
B57-125036-1BSA200/300BSA 200/300 shotgun-semi Blk (repurchase of prev sold gun p57-116961-1)$263
B57-121535-1CobraC32Cobra C32 HNDGN-DER. Small silver, no cse$109.99
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