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We have a full showcase of modern, in style jewelry in silver and gold. All refurbished to be like new! We also carry estate and vintage jewelry! Huge diamond bridal selection! Watches as well! The advantage of pre-owned is that you get a much larger style assortment; not to mention a much better price! 

We always have a good selection of Coins as well, Gold and Silver!

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PE57-1887561964 Silver Uncerculated Set (1*.5, 1*.25, 1*.10), 1*.05, 1*.01$15.99
PE57-1887556 Silver Quarters$26.49
PE57-1887535 SILVER State Quarters Proof Set$22.49
PE57-188752Silver Dollar 26.7g Silver$19.99
PE57-1887511 Oz Silver Coins$25.99
P57-96573-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1/40pt round$479.99
P57-95297-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1@33$349.99
P57-93628-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.6g 1@75$799.99
P57-92222-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.7g 1/40pt princess 8/01$399.99
P57-91220-114kt GOLD PENDANT 1.5g$39.99
P57-84694-414kt DIAMOND RING 1.5g 1@38$299.99
P57-84207-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 54.3g 14kt y 54.3g necklace$578.4
P57-83014-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 1@35$299.9
P57-232652-114kt chain bracelet 11.5g Roberto coin$600
P57-232091-114kt GOLD RING 2.1g Plain$90
P57-232075-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5.2g W/round pendant$300
P57-232073-214kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.7g Thin$90
P57-232073-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 7.5g W/round pendant (mary)$360
P57-232068-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.9g 1/20pt round$440
P57-231961-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g Marquee shape cluster of 1/2pt round diam$70
P57-231874-2scrap silver 2 rings, pendant$20
P57-231874-114kt gold earrings 1.1g Pair$50
P57-231867-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g One small white diamond in center (40 for ring, 10 for diamond)$100
P57-231851-210kt GOLD RING 4.9g Tanish/brown oval stone in middle$159.99
P57-231806-110kt GOLD RING 2.3g White oval stone/cracked in middle$70
P57-231735-110kt scrap gold 5.9g 3 sets of earrings. (blue heart, purple marquee shape, green square)$220
P57-231733-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5.7g W/small cross$280
P57-231649-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 9.6g W/small heart pend w/red stones$490
P57-231568-114kt GOLD RING 10g Big fake diamond in center$400
P57-231495-114kt GOLD RING 4.2g Bunch of small white stones$230
P57-231480-114kt Diamond Earring Single Stud$499.99
P57-231476-210kt GOLD RING 1.4g Small green oval$60
P57-231476-114kt GOLD RING 2.7g Green oval (6/01pt 1 missing)$140
P57-231381-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.9g 7@15pts princess$549.99
P57-231350-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 3g 3 pendants$150
P57-231262-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.9g Set$200
P57-231259-118kt DIAMOND RING 16.5g 1/40pt round (4.8mm), 2/15pt princess$1299.99
P57-231217-1Movado07.1.36.1262Movado WRIST WATCH$99.99
P57-231063-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 1*30$200
P57-230988-114kt GOLD RING 5.6g Set-marquee in center$300
P57-230971-1FitbitFB507fitness tracker/smart watch With charging cord$74.99
P57-230885-2SeikoNVMNSeiko Wrist Watch Silver$74.99
P57-230674-110kt GOLD RING 2.2g Small stone w/smaller surrounding stones$90
P57-230651-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.4g 1@25pts round$479.99
P57-230629-210kt GOLD RING 2.3g Big fake diamond in center$70
P57-230612-110kt GOLD RING 2.4g Letter i in center$80
P57-230582-110kt gold chain 9g Rope style broken clasp, with cross pendant$320
P57-230564-212kt GOLD RING 1.1g Leaf imprints$50
P57-230564-110kt GOLD RING 2.2g Interlocking hearts with 2 small stones$80
P57-230563-124kt GOLD BRACELET 30g 30g .999 24k$2600
P57-230504-210kt GOLD RING 2.3g 2 hearts (1 with small diamond chips)$74
P57-230504-114kt GOLD BAND 4.5g 40+/ 1pt or less diamond chips$222
P57-230448-214kt GOLD RING 3.7g Green stones in center$240
P57-230448-110kt GOLD RING 2.3g Purple stone in center$109.99
P57-230444-1FossilBLUEFossil WRIST WATCH$34.99
P57-230381-110kt DIAMOND RING 2g White gold with a few smaller diamonds$80
P57-230359-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g Cluster of 1pt round in heart shape$120
P57-230347-114kt GOLD BRACELET 20.3g$1024.99
P57-230342-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 0.6g W/white stone (pearl?) listed weight doesn’t include pearl$30
P57-230290-114kt scrap gold 9g Watch pieces$210
P57-230215-114kt mens ring 11.4g Big brown stone and 2 @10pts$650
P57-230138-2CasioWORLD TIMECasio World Time$39.99
P57-230065-2Watch MTM USA Special Ops$299.99
P57-229949-1FitbitVERSA LITE (FB415)Fitbit Versa Lite Activity Tracker$69.99
P57-229948-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.2g Bunch small chips$90
P57-229891-114kt Scrap Gold 4.3g Ring & necklace$200
P57-229814-114kt EARRINGS 2.1g Gold hoops$110
P57-229513-314kt DIAMOND RING 5.1g 1/25pt 2/15 round (3/08pt round 2/08 square)$440
P57-229513-214kt GOLD BAND 5.9g Plain$300
P57-229513-114kt GOLD BAND 7.1g Plain$380
P57-229339-2silver ring 2 rings with floral patterns$20
P57-229339-110kt GOLD RING 2.2g Some blue stones$80
P57-229333-110kt scrap gold 7.6g Plain necklace and ring$200
P57-229253-114kt Gold rings 3.9g 1 w/red&white 1 w/blue stones$170
P57-229186-101Gold Pendant$149.99
P57-229070-1GOLD NECKLACE 3.6g$159.99
P57-228896-114kt GOLD BRACELET 9.4g Plain$349.99
P57-228822-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g 1*50 2*20$799.99
P57-228807-5ESQSWISSWRIST WATCH Silver (w/white face)$59.99
P57-228787-110kt ring 1.7g White gold with colored stones$60
P57-228693-114kt DIAMOND RING 2g 1/20pt round (stamp looks like 18k tests like 14?!) kf$200
P57-228583-1InvictaPRO DIVERWRIST WATCH Yellow box$59.99
P57-228475-110kt DIAMOND RING 7.6g Tiny cluster of 1pt rounds (set of 3 rings)$200
P57-228425-114kt Scrap gold 22.2g Bracelet, ring & pendant$720
P57-228278-110kt necklace 7.6g Flat$250
P57-228000-214kt DIAMOND EARRINGS 4g 5*10 i$290
P57-227993-1ring 3.25g White gold$160
P57-227975-110kt Scrap Gold Ring 8.3g Bent$200
P57-227961-1CasioDW-9052WRIST WATCH Blk band (g-shock)$34.99
P57-227905-114kt GOLD RING 6.5g Round red stone in middle$280
P57-227897-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g 1/03pt plus few more small diam chips$80
P57-227789-2Tommy HilfigerNVMNWRIST WATCH Blk face/silver color band$24.99
P57-227751-1GOLD BAND 2.11g 4 blue stones$40
P57-227740-2rings 2 silver$40
P57-227708-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.9g 1/35pt round$359.99
P57-227666-114kt GOLD RING 3.5g Simple$150
P57-227546-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.3g 11/01pt round$50
P57-227381-110kt GOLD RING 3.7g 2 gold rings, 1 opal stone in middle, 7 small stones in another ring$100
P57-227149-1DIAMOND RING 1.3g 1@3pts$40
P57-227118-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 34.2g Tri-color$900
P57-227026-1Red square in middle$0.0000
P57-227001-1scrap gold 3.4g 3 pins$80
P57-226991-114kt gold rings 7.7g 3 rings$300
P57-226987-314kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 20pts round w/ single diamond$50
P57-226987-210kt GOLD RING 2.2g W/stone in middle (opal)$50
P57-226987-114kt gold rings 4.4g 2 rings, 1 single band & 1 w/fake diamond$180
P57-226971-110kt scrap gold 12.9g Scrap$400
P57-226949-310kt ring 2.2g 7 small green round stones$60
P57-226949-214kt ring 2.8g 10 small round stones$120
P57-226949-1SSkt SILVER BRACLET 9.9g In wooden bracelet case, w/8 heart shaped stones (pink)$20
P57-226933-110kt GOLD RING 3.9g W/ 6 small colored stones$100
P57-226884-410kt 3 scrap rings 8.2g 8.2$200
P57-226884-314kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 5blue stones, 4 tiny diamond round$180
P57-226884-210kt DIAMOND RING 4.2g 9/05 18/03 all round$250
P57-226884-114kt GOLD BAND 4.5g Plain$270
P57-226863-314kt 15 Anos Bracelet$499.99
P57-226745-114kt gold ring 4.2g Round 1 @ 40pts$600
P57-226743-2silver coin$7.49
P57-226679-114kt GOLD RING 6g Mason in center$240
P57-226615-1SSkt Diamond Silver Ring 9.4g 45/01pt round diam$99.99
P57-226589-110kt GOLD RING Golf ring$446
P57-226494-114kt RING 4g Plain$160
P57-226425-2GOLD RING 2.1g With green stone$60
P57-226425-1DIAMOND RING 5.2g 1*20 3 other marquise, 1 missing diamond$240
P57-226374-10210KT Gold Ring With Blue Stones$79.99
P57-226374-10110KT Gold Ring With Blue Stones$79.99
P57-226255-110kt SCRAP GOLD 11.6g Mix of 10k & 14k scrap$320
P57-226153-114kt GOLD RING 2.9g$124.99
P57-226054-2SSkt silver ring 21g Air force$20
P57-226004-110kt DIAMOND RING 7.7g A bunch of 1pt round$250
P57-225828-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.6g 8/02pt round$120
P57-225786-210kt Scrap Gold Ring 2.2g Missing a few stones$60
P57-225786-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g Bluish/purple triangle 5/03pt rectangles each side of this stone$100
P57-225670-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.4g 1@16pts round$430
P57-225547-1scrap gold 18.5g Gold braclet and pair earrings inside brown michael kors bag$60
P57-225357-614kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 2.9g With heart pend$120
P57-225218-114kt ring 1.2g W/ small blue stone$40
P57-225198-1scrap gold 8.4g One ring has small dia$350
P57-225187-2GarminAPPROACH S2Smart Watch W/charger in orig box$80
P57-225140-114kt GOLD RING 4.7g Small white stones$100
P57-225094-110kt GOLD RING 2g Set$50
P57-225059-114kt Diamond RING 6.1g Small flower design$369.94
P57-224923-1FossilBLUEWRIST WATCH Silver face (small chip around 1-2pm on dial)$34.99
P57-224781-110kt GOLD RING 5.5g Mens ring$140
P57-224699-110kt DIAMOND RING 9.8g ”m” 1/15ish pt round$240
P57-224643-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g No stone$50
P57-224527-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.6g 1@90pts, round$649.99
P57-224480-114kt WEDDING SET 3.7g Serveral stones around ring$240
P57-224441-114kt DIAMOND RING 8.8g 5/01pt round$320
P57-224407-114kt GOLD RING 5.2g Plain ring$200
P57-224313-110kt diamond bracelet 8.5g With about 40-42 small white diamonds in center$410
P57-224095-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.9g 1/45pt 5/08 all round$799.99
P57-223930-114kt DIAMOND RING 12.5g 2@16 pts princess, 1@25pts princess. Bunch of small 3 pointers$680
P57-223779-114kt GOLD BAND 4.2g Plain$140
P57-223744-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.1g 1/25pt marquee 12/03ish rectangle$216
P57-223732-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.8g Set 1@20 pts round (plus tiny diamonds on each side of main diamond)$350
P57-223679-110kt daimond ring 5.3g Several small stones$160
P57-223481-1SSkt Silver Rings 13.1g 5 rings$20
P57-223461-210kt GOLD RING 1.6g Engraved on top$50
P57-223461-114kt GOLD BRACELET 4g W/4 rectangle blk stones$150
P57-223349-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 6.7g W/small cross pedant$200
P57-223338-114kt GOLD BAND 7.1g White$270
P57-223275-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g 5/10pt round$200
P57-223159-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 20pts$100
P57-223108-1GOLD NECKLACE 2.5g With v pendant$100
P57-223093-114kt Gold rings 6.6g 6.6g 14k 2rings$247.02
P57-223092-114kt Diamond Bracelet 9.4g$99.99
P57-222810-114kt Scrap Dental Gold 4g Grill$160
P57-222792-110kt DIAMOND RING 3g Heart (missing tiny diam chip)$80
P57-222699-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 1/25pt 2/12 all round$320
P57-222652-110kt GOLD RING 10.6g Class ring$240
P57-222471-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.2g 1/05pt round$50
P57-222454-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g 3 small stones$50
P57-222376-210kt GOLD RING 1.4g With blue stone in center$30
P57-222376-114kt gold earrings 0.6g Pair$20
P57-222362-114kt wedding band 8.7g Single band$320
P57-222105-2SSkt SILVER NECKLACE 5.1g W/ring (bluish & whitish triangle stones)$10
P57-222105-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g Heart w/green round stone in middle$40
P57-222027-102Scrp gold$410
P57-221912-103Silver Mercury Dime$1.39
P57-221873-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g Red stone$50
P57-221656-414kt scrap gold 10.2g 2r 1n$440
P57-221611-2necklace 42g Large links$40
P57-221571-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.9g 1/20 princess cut$200
P57-221394-114kt GOLD RING 3.1g Small white stones in center (12)$150
P57-221350-1GOLD GRILL 16.8g Upper and lower$600
P57-221247-1SSkt Diamond Silver Ring 6.9g Bunch small round mille diam$40
P57-221234-1GOLD RING 3.5g (palladium) middle stone is not a diamond (outside 10/10pt princess)$350
P57-221086-114kt GOLD RING 5g Green stone$180
P57-221085-114kt GOLD BAND 7.4g Mens band$250
P57-221084-110kt GOLD RING 4g With 6 colored stones in center$100
P57-221081-3silver ring Misisng one stone$20
P57-221081-2silver pendant Hearts$20
P57-221081-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 1g Plain$40
P57-221038-114kt SCRAP GOLD 2.9g Ring with fake diamonds, pendant$90
P57-220931-314kt DIAMOND RING 6.1g 4/01-2pts round$200
P57-220931-214kt GOLD BAND 3.3g White$100
P57-220903-214KT Ring w/blue stone$99.99
P57-220903-110kt necklace 1.6g Gold chain$40
P57-220886-114kt gold rings 4.8g Plain band and plain ring with white stone$160
P57-220861-1SILVER BRACELET 19.4g$59.99
P57-220830-114kt GOLD RING 4.8g With small white stones in center$160
P57-220807-1SSkt silver ring 2.5g Small stones$70
P57-220622-114kt scrap gold 0.5g Pair earrings, bracalet, necklace$210
P57-220541-114kt scrap gold 0.5g Pair of earings, heart pendant$16
P57-220486-1SSkt WEDDING SET 4.8g Silver 2 band set$60
P57-220428-114kt GOLD BRACELET 1.9g With 13 small white stones in center$50
P57-220325-114kt GOLD BRACELET With charm$750
P57-220286-114kt GOLD RING 4.3g Fake marquise diamond in center$140
P57-220279-314kt GOLD BRACELET 3.9g Plain$140
P57-220279-214kt GOLD BRACELET 4.7g Plain$160
P57-220271-2OakleyFLAK 2.0Oakley Sunglasses Black$69.99
P57-220196-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 0.8g Twisted/notted up$20
P57-220187-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.2g 4/02-3pt round$220
P57-220089-210kt GOLD RING 2.1g Blue oval (star sapphire ?! or..)$40
P57-220089-118kt GOLD NECKLACE 3.4g Twisty$130
P57-219972-1NikeSPORTWATCH GPSNike+ Sport Wristwatch GPS$29.99
P57-219952-214kt GOLD RINGs & Gold Pendant 5.1g 2 rings, 2 pendants$170
P57-219952-110kt GOLD RING 6.6g 4 rings$190
P57-219932-1Scrap Silver 4 necklaces/3 rings$30
P57-219925-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.6g 1@30 pts emerald cut$279.99
P57-219838-1InvictaTRINITEWRIST WATCH Invicta Model 24208$99.99
P57-219818-6No MakeNVMNWRIST WATCH White band$9.99
P57-219818-5No MakeNVMNWRIST WATCH Blue band$9.99
P57-219611-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.1g 1/05pt marquee$26
P57-219605-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.2g 24/ 1pt (or less) round$120
P57-219455-218kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 3.9g 4 round diam (1/05, 1/08, 1/10, 1/15-20pts est)$160
P57-219455-110kt GOLD RING 2g Black hills (green, light blue, dark blue round stone) 2 leafs$50
P57-219240-214kt Scrap Gold RIngs 5.2g One wide band/one wrap$170
P57-219240-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 1/08pt 2/05 all round (chips on ea side of 3 main)$70
P57-219166-214kt PENDANT 3g Gold pendant mother & child$148
P57-219166-114kt ring 5.1g Middle purple stone$192
P57-219089-214kt GOLD BAND 8.7g Single gold band$80
P57-219089-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 7.6g Gold chain$240
P57-219083-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.4g$240
P57-219047-210kt GOLD RING 1.6g Purple stone in center, two white stones around$40
P57-219035-114kt Gold RING 5.8g 3/01pts round diamond ring$260
P57-218995-114kt GOLD RING 1.8g Really small white stones in center$20
P57-218981-1FitbitVERSAsmart watch With charger$110
P57-218718-2GOLD NECKLACE 1.8g W/multi color stone pendant$60
P57-218381-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1@10pts princess$90
P57-218313-2GOLD BAND 4.4g Mens$160
P57-218124-1SSkt scrap silver 22.4g Misc$20
P57-218061-114kt GOLD RING 2.5g 1@15 pts round$120
P57-217962-2UnlistedNONEUnlisted WRIST WATCH 10029412 (In blk box)$24.99
P57-217886-114kt scrap gold 8.1g 2 broken bracelets (one yellow, one with white, pink, and yellow)$250
P57-217865-1GOLD BAND 8.5g Two tone$280
P57-217824-214kt EARRINGS 0.27g W/ no backs (diamonds are fake)$18
P57-217630-102scrap silver$10
P57-217630-1Silver Fashion Ring$14.99
P57-217569-114kt GOLD BAND 8.4g Comfort fit/men’s$300
P57-217451-310kt gold pin 2.1g Associated in center$40
P57-217303-114kt DIAMOND RING 3g 12/02 round$120
P57-217189-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5.3g With gold cross pendant$149.99
P57-216916-2DIAMOND RING 3.8g One diamond$200
P57-216886-218kt GOLD RING 3.7g In black ring box$160
P57-216886-114kt GOLD BRACELET 10.8g In black case$360
P57-216671-4silver necklace and bracelet set In red box$50
P57-216671-3silver bracelet In black box$40
P57-216671-2SILVER NECKLACE In black box$30
P57-216671-1silver bracelet White stones in center in white box$40
P57-216668-214kt DIAMOND RING 2.2g 5@10pts round$170
P57-216632-314kt GOLD NECKLACE 0.5g With heart pendant$10
P57-216632-214kt GOLD NECKLACE 0.9g With rectangle pendant$10
P57-216632-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.3g With heart pendant$50
P57-216616-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.5g 1*40$600
P57-216609-1silver ring 3.2g Sterling silver rind with diamond$30
P57-216329-114kt GOLD RING 4.2g Plain band$120
P57-216252-114kt GOLD RING 4.1g W/ purple stone$160
P57-216212-110kt GOLD RING 2.7g Blue stone$60
P57-216211-110kt GOLD RING 2.1g Missing ston$40
P57-216168-614kt DIAMOND RING 6.6g Blue ”spinel” stone 1/15pt round 1/10, 1/8 1/06 all round$280
P57-216168-510kt Diamond Pendants 1.5g Pair (1 has princess diam 1/15 2/10 2/05)$120
P57-216168-314kt Scrap Gold Ring 10.7g No diamonds (channel set)$330
P57-216168-214kt GOLD RING 9.4g Dark red round stone$290
P57-216168-114kt Scrap Gold Ring 1.9g Missing big main stone$60
P57-215851-410kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g 14/02pt round$90
P57-215825-114kt GOLD RING 1.7g Brown oval$50
P57-215770-1silver ring Band with yellow in center$10
P57-215737-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.8g 1@15 pts marquise$150
P57-215586-110kt diamond bracelet 7.8g 45@5pts round$400
P57-215433-110kt GOLD RING 1.6g Dark blue marquee stone$30
P57-215205-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 6.8g Plain$200
P57-215117-114kt necklace 5.8g Chain$180
P57-215102-122kt gold bracelet 10g With red and yellow stones/flower design$480
P57-214926-114kt gold ring 7.5g Center stone not real$320
P57-214905-214kt GOLD NECKLACE 15.2g With heart pendant$460
P57-214802-110kt scrap gold 33.5g 10k 33.5 gms of gold$700
P57-214634-114kt GOLD RING 2.5g With small white stones in center$90
P57-214625-114kt GOLD RING 3.4g With red marquise stone in center$120
P57-214514-218kt scrap gold 18.6g Watch piece$40
P57-214514-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g Band$40
P57-214500-3silver ring 7.4g With bunch of small white stones$60
P57-214500-212kt GOLD RING 10g With fake diamond in center$60
P57-214439-110kt GOLD RING 2.7g Blue stone in the middle$60
P57-214389-114kt GOLD RING 5.6g 2 rings$150
P57-214266-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 3.9g Plain$120
P57-214161-210kt gold rings 5g Wedding set (engraved) with small white diamonds in center$100
P57-214161-114kt GOLD RING 2.6g Band (engraved)$100
P57-214159-110kt GOLD RING 3.4g Designs in middle$70
P57-214157-114kt Scrap Gold Ring 3.8g Stones not real diam$90
P57-214055-314kt GOLD RING 5.9g 1@13$210
P57-214009-414kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.5g$49.99
P57-213994-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g Very small diamonds less than .05$60
P57-213848-318kt DIAMOND RING 1.7g 1@15 pts round$90
P57-213848-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g 5 white diamonds in center (small)$30
P57-213606-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5.5g$99.99
P57-213559-110kt GOLD RING 3.5g Slim$70
P57-213557-110kt Scrap Gold Necklace 10.4g Broken$210
P57-213514-114kt GOLD BAND 7.4g Wavy lines on outside$220
P57-213463-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 1/20pt round 2/02$240
P57-213392-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1/25pt round$199.99
P57-213307-410kt GOLD RING 2.5g Red stone$60
P57-213307-310kt GOLD RING 2g Mom inscription$60
P57-213307-214kt GOLD RING 2.2g Green stone$80
P57-213307-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.4g Set. 1@16 pts$200
P57-213092-214kt DIAMOND RING 4.2g 1/20pt round (2 small blue marquee)$120
P57-213092-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 1/20pt marquee (bunch other small round)$120
P57-213051-114kt DIAMOND RING 12.4g Cluster 1*10, 12*10$695.34
P57-213013-1SILVER NECKLACE 1.2g Smaller chain$20
P57-213005-1pandora bracelet With 2 clasps, 2 beads$100
P57-212992-2scrap gold 11.1g Pendants, rings, bracelet$200
P57-212992-106Scrap Gold$210
P57-212878-210kt GOLD RING 2.2g Bluish/purple marquee (cz stones)$50
P57-212392-110kt gold grill 4.9g 6 teeth$100
P57-212350-116kt gold bangle 12.7g$269.99
P57-211698-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.1g$249.99
P57-211626-114kt DIAMOND RING 8.1g 3@7pts round$350
P57-211464-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 7/07pt round$149.99
P57-211247-1Harley Davidsonhdm122WRIST WATCH Silver$69.99
P57-210843-110kt GOLD RING 3.3g With reddish brown stone in center$72.54
P57-210238-510kt DIAMOND EARRINGS 0.4g 2/10pts$74.99
P57-210238-410kt DIAMOND RING 1.3g 1/15pt round$60
P57-210238-310kt GOLD RING 1.3g 3 clear blue oval stones$30
P57-210208-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g 1/50pts marquee$249.99
P57-210027-114kt GOLD BRACELET 1.2g Thin/small$40
P57-209972-114kt GOLD RING 18.6g 1@15pts$660
P57-209889-214kt scrap gold 28.9g Bunch$600
P57-209889-10210kt scrap gold$190
P57-208313-114kt ring 2.5g 1*35$499.99
P57-207643-1SamsungS2WRIST WATCH Smart$100
P57-207397-110kt Diamond Cross 14.6g Missing 3$399.99
P57-207241-10110KT Gold Ring Purple Stone$29.99
P57-207226-2Cracker Barrel$25gift card $25 cracker barrel gc$20
P57-206660-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1/45pt round 2/10 10/01 round$549.99
P57-206482-310kt BRACLET 4.3g Link$99.99
P57-206437-114kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 1.1g 1@15pts$69.99
P57-205914-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 1@25pts$249.99
P57-205854-1RaybanRB 3025Sunglasses In ziplock bag w/cover$40
P57-205839-114kt GOLD BRACELET 5g Heartsxheartsxhearts$200
P57-205748-1SILVER NECKLACE 4.6g W/s necklace$10
P57-204900-114kt GOLD RING 3.2g Diamond rose shape$507.1
P57-203557-610kt GOLD NECKLACE 3.6g W/mom pendant$46.92
P57-203557-5GOLD RING W/ stone missing$101.66
P57-203557-410kt GOLD BAND 1.5g W/ dark bluish stone$31.28
P57-203557-3GOLD BAND 1.5g Light blue oval$31.28
P57-203557-210kt GOLD BAND 1.5g W/ i love you engraving$31.28
P57-203557-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g W/ mom engraving$31.28
P57-203355-1Citizen Eco Drive Wrist Watch$79.99
P57-202948-3Marc Ecko008291972Watch On chain$14.99
P57-202948-2Marc Ecko008291972WRIST WATCH Gold Ecko$12.99
P57-202948-1Marc Ecko008291972WRIST WATCH Ecko$14.99
P57-202776-2BRACLET 56.6g Blk$24.99
P57-202776-1ElginVD78WRIST WATCH Blk$12.99
P57-202026-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 6.6g 2 small pendants (10k mex)$87.94
P57-201829-114kt GOLD BAND 2.4g 2/15 1/20$299.99
P57-201798-1Fossilwrist watch Silver (grey face)$39.99
P57-200569-214kt DIAMOND RING 4.4g 1/15pt princess$159.99
P57-200556-110kt GOLD BAND 4.3g 5 small diamonds$60
P57-200306-110kt RING 3.3g Black stone$200
P57-200243-2rings 2.86g Two gold rings$90
P57-200243-114kt BRACLET 2.28g Plain$70
P57-200101-114kt GOLD RING 3.19g 14k gold band$100
P57-200011-116kt Dental Gold 18.6g Bridge (gb ok’d)$400
P57-199995-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 2.2g Figuero$80
P57-199944-1Scrap Silver 16g 4rings$10
P57-199745-110kt Scrap Gold 2.1g Ring (3 white/sparkly oval stones) & cross$50
P57-199157-1SILVER & TORQUISE 20g Ring$39.99
P57-197760-114kt GOLD BRACELET 17.7g Figuero style$449.99
P57-197075-1InvictaPRO DIVERWRIST WATCH Big yellow box$50
P57-196522-10314KT Scrap$340
P57-196089-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 1/70pt round$999.99
P57-196024-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 1/60pt 4/15 6/02$1399.99
P57-195504-1FitbitFB502Fitness Watch Blue (w/charger)$100
P57-195486-110kt scrap gold 2.7g 1 r 1b$54
P57-195471-2watch band With links$30
P57-195151-2scrap gold 16.3g Various ring, pendants, broken necklace(s) etc$540
P57-195151-118kt scrap gold 2.8g Cross + letter a (on white tag to keep from rest)$110
P57-194989-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.2g 1*15pts$160
P57-194953-110kt GOLD BAND 1.8g No stones$40
P57-194569-110kt Scrap Gold/Diamond Ring 4.3g 1 w/3small diam & other has clear oval$114.62
P57-192699-2GarminVIVOSMARTwatch With charger$85
P57-192674-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.6g 1/45, 2/15, 6/5 all round$649.99
P57-191998-114kt gold earrings 2.7g In silver box$60
P57-191795-210kt DIAMOND PENDANT 1.9g 1/08pt 1/3 1/2 round$69.99
P57-190390-1WRIST WATCH 38mm$197.34
P57-189962-1FitbitCHARGE HRFitbit Fitness/Activity Monitor (w/charging cord)$59.99
P57-189649-1Fossil Watch Orange$39.99
P57-189628-114kt ring 6.8g 2 pearls$240
P57-189359-1NoneScrap Silver 498g Vintage candle holders, non silver bottoms$40
P57-188786-114kt ring 10.5g Mens 1@70 round$1499.99
P57-188784-114kt ring Mens 1@60 round$1299.99
P57-188520-110kt ring 2.8g Lots of tiny diamonds$80
P57-188316-114kt GOLD RING 7.4g 1 26pt$329.99
P57-187753-114kt GOLD RING 3.4g 1 16pt 10 3 pt$159.99
P57-187108-4SSkt PENDANT 4.3g Hearts with wings$60
P57-186668-214kt ring Mens$130
P57-186668-114kt ring Multi color 3 small diamonds$70
P57-185950-114kt red box 4.4g Starfish pendant$150
P57-185285-114kt ring 4.1g$129.99
P57-184167-3Maui Jimsunglasses In orig case, a little beat up, but can send in for lifetime warranty to replace$100
P57-183339-1COINS-GOLD 33.1g Foreign coins$24
P57-182417-110kt ring 1.6g 1@20 round vintage looking$140
P57-181801-214kt GOLD RING 5.7g White gold 14k 1 big blue stone$172.8
P57-181385-3Womens Watch Red in white box$79.99
P57-180472-210kt GOLD PENDANT 4.2g Baja california$50
P57-180472-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 9.6g W/heart pendant (jesus)$210
P57-179686-1Armitronwatch In brown box$34.99
P57-179679-1sunglasses No case$120
P57-179340-110kt ring 3.8g 1@40 Round$499.99
P57-178777-1Pandorabracelet With 6 beads$100
P57-178628-1BasisWRIST WATCH With charger$150
P57-177944-114kt DIAMOND RING$299.99
P57-177647-1SamsungSMV700smart watch With charger$140
P57-177232-310kt ring 2.3g Broken$50
P57-177232-214kt ring 1.8g Triangle small diamonds$60
P57-177232-114kt ring 2.7g 3small round diamonds$120
P57-176966-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.6g 1/50pt round$899.99
P57-176870-114kt GOLD BRACELET 39g Link$400
P57-176748-114kt ring 5.5g Band$180
P57-176027-214kt Scrap Gold 7.2g 2 rings/1 scrap$230
P57-175838-124kt GOLD BRACELET 29.5g Shiny$1650
P57-175448-110kt ring 2.4g 15 pt round, 6 small stones$100
P57-175367-118kt ring 4.6g 1@25 princess$279.99
P57-174934-110kt GOLD RING 1.1g Small white stones$30
P57-174490-1Paladium Ring 7.6g Pd 950$250
P57-174409-214kt DIAMOND RING 1.2g Marquise@25$80
P57-174091-25@5 round$0.0000
P57-174088-114kt GOLD RING 1.6g Blue/white stone$60
P57-173981-114kt GOLD BAND 2.8g Plain/thin$80
P57-173313-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 6.9g Plain$230
P57-173118-214kt necklace 11.9g Rope$400
P57-173118-110kt ring 1.6g Missing diamond$40
P57-173058-110kt GOLD RING 7.9g 1/85 r stone$1499.99
P57-172305-2LuminoxNITE HAWKwatch In box$400
P57-171399-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.9g 1/80pt 2/40 all princess$2299.99
P57-171288-1Silverware Set 2291g 1595grams for all silver pieces (696g for 1/2stainless 1/2 silver <<50%)$1450
P57-171220-2BRACLET 8 charms$130
P57-170964-1Pandorabracelet in blue box,bead is not real$41
P57-170960-114kt Diamond Rings 2.1g With white gold. 1@30pt. 2@8pi.$399.99
P57-170206-1NVSNNVSN14kt Rings 1.4g Gold rings$50
P57-169952-110kt scrap gold 7.1g 7 pc$170
P57-169644-1PLAkt ring 4.2g Diamonds band$259.99
P57-169013-114kt ring 6.7g 1@75 marquise$699.99
P57-168930-114kt DIAMOND RING 11.1g 1/65pt 2/45 round (one 45ptr is chipped bad) plus bunch smaller ones$1174.64
P57-168908-114kt necklace 7.2g Rope$260
P57-168477-2Chanelsunglasses In grey case$120
P57-168235-1gift card 50 amazon$50
P57-167998-110kt ring 1.9g In grey box, 33 pt round$299.99
P57-167735-114kt ring 3g 20 pt round, 2 10 pt rounnd$299.99
P57-167414-2Pandorabracelet Pandora 4 charms$120
P57-167068-1OakleyPROBATIONsunglasses Black$120
P57-167045-210kt ring 1.4g Small stones$30
P57-166418-210kt mens band 8.6g Gold$200
P57-166274-114kt ring set 5.5g 2 pc 25 pt round$299.99
P57-166075-114kt ring 1.8g 45 pt round$499.99
P57-166007-114kt ring 2g 20 pt round$179.99
P57-165606-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.6g 1/40pt princess$549.99
P57-165456-214kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g 1@30, 4@16$399.99
P57-165412-118kt ring 4.5g 33pt round$449.99
P57-164395-114kt DIAMOND RING 5g 5/20pt round$699.99
P57-164376-1CitizenECO DRIVEmens watch Black$159.99
P57-163959-114kt ring 2.1g 1@18$149.99
P57-163167-3bead Cat chamilia$20
P57-163167-1bead 16-chamilia$20
P57-162884-114kt necklace 24.7g Feguro$59.99
P57-162675-110kt BRACLET 11.1g No stones$200
P57-161646-1ring 3.5g 1 20point 10 3point$259.99
P57-161116-510kt Scrap Gold 10.2g Various pieces$236.76
P57-161116-414kt Scrap Gold 17.7g Various pieces$414.32
P57-159373-110kt GOLD RING 3.3g Small diamiond chip (<3pts) in middle$80
P57-159315-314kt EARRINGS 2g With what looks like pearls 2 on 1 1 on the other$70
P57-159315-214kt EARRINGS 3g With small diamonds on each$100
P57-159315-114kt earring 0.2g 1 20point diamond$120
P57-159312-114kt ring 6.4g 1 40point diamond with 17 small diamonds surrounding large diamond$679.99
P57-159250-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 20.7g W/jesus pendant$720
P57-158976-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g 5/20pt round$399.99
P57-158826-2ring 6g Silver and gold$10
P57-158669-114kt EARRINGS 2.6g 3 diamonds in each earrinf 2 10 point and 1 6 point$249.99
P57-158038-214kt ring 4.5g 15 anos$155.38
P57-157615-110kt rings 3.3g 2 scrap$80
P57-157426-214kt ring 3.2g 5@ 5 round$150
P57-157131-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.5g 1/30pt princess 8/02 round$399.99
P57-157041-210kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 3.4g Heart pendant (w/couple diam chips)$100
P57-156570-114kt EARRINGS 3.8g Set with ivory colored strip and small chips$149.99
P57-156270-1SSkt bar 309.2g Silver bar$259.99
P57-156172-114kt ring 4.1g 1@50 round$899.99
P57-156105-1watches 5 invicta watches in huge case$400
P57-156069-214kt scrap gold 5.9g 1r/1p (anchor)$226
P57-155783-214kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 1/40pt princess 8/01 round$499.99
P57-155051-114kt ring 2.3g 1/24pt$189.99
P57-153856-3watch Silver$79.99
P57-153644-110kt rings 2.1g Scrap$60
P57-153289-1silver coin 33.27g In protective case$40
P57-153247-114kt GOLD BRACELET 9.1g Rope bracelet$259.99
P57-153218-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 1/25pt princess$259.99
P57-152211-114kt ring 3.58g Plain with cuts in it$170
P57-152185-1PENDANT 1.7g White gold no chain$80
P57-151772-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 1@20 round si$249.99
P57-151750-310kt GOLD RING 3.6g W/ 12 small chips in$120
P57-151282-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.5g 1@50 si princess, 2@40 si princess$1299.99
P57-150706-214kt GOLD RING 4.9g Purple oval (10 non-diamonds)$240
P57-150701-314kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 1@20 round$249.99
P57-149864-110kt diamond mens band 7.1g 4 rows of diamonds$299.99
P57-147042-114kt scrap gold 2.5g 5e 1b$72
P57-146863-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.7g 1@25$249.99
P57-146102-110kt scrap 4.3g 2r$120
P57-145762-1SSkt scrap silver 40g Necklace w/butterly, herrbon neckl, pair earrings, ring, penant$80
P57-145266-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.4g 1*~50, 2*~13 2*~7$699.99
P57-143771-214kt DIAMOND RING 5.2g 2 Stone Wrap$499.99
P57-143732-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g 1@35$370
P57-143712-1Watch Silver ESQ$89.99
P57-143586-2scrap silver 19.3g 4r, 1cross pend$22
P57-143586-110kt srap gold 6.6g 2r,4e$178
P57-143218-210kt necklace 6.3g Necklace (10k) w/2 pendants (multi colored stones 14k)$250
P57-142915-1MovadoWRIST WATCH Blk face (16 diamonds)$399.99
P57-142836-118kt GOLD PEND 1.8g Cross$100
P57-142690-114kt DIAMOND RING 5g 3/45pt all round$799.99
P57-142670-2EARRINGS 2@20$159.99
P57-142378-114kt 8.7g 3r, 1@20, 1@25$699.99
P57-141903-214kt GOLD BRACELET 5.9g Criss-cross design$250
P57-141893-1DIAMOND RING 1.4g 1/25pt round$199.99
P57-141857-1FossilAM-3570watch Blue face$39.99
P57-140708-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1@10 and 2@5pt$99.99
P57-139220-214kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g 1@25pt 3.1g gold ring 14k$399.99
P57-138840-114kt Riamond Ring 3.9g 1*40, 1*.04$499.99
P57-138665-110kt GOLD RING 2.5g 2 red hearts$80
P57-136298-1SSkt WRIST WATCH 215g Silver$800
P57-136173-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 1/40pt ascher cut$599.99
P57-134251-214kt ring 3.1g 1@20, 8@under5$229.99
P57-133513-110kt scrap gold 5.1g 2r$144.4
P57-132757-114kt ring 3.4g 1@15, 1 under 5$169.99
P57-132090-218kt scrap gold 8.3g Various pieces (2r) w/1@25pt round$489.99
P57-131287-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 1@30$299.99
P57-130399-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g 10kt gold diamond ring 2.4g small diamonds$70
P57-130217-114kt ring 10.1g Mens wedding band$410
P57-128644-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1*20$249.99
P57-128022-114kt GOLD RING 1.7g With diamond 1@35pts$299.99
P57-127765-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.4g 1/33pt round (2 tiny chips)$299.99
P57-127734-114kt Diamond Pendant 0.7g 14kty 1/16, 1/6, 1/4pt round$179.99
P57-126832-114kt GOLD RING 2.7g Fake stone ”love”$100
P57-126354-214kt necklace 12.2g Omega style in red/ gold box$430
P57-125727-114kt necklace 4.6g Diamond pendant @40pts$499.99
P57-124708-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.5g 1/22pt round$159.99
P57-124407-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 13.2g Rope style$414.02
P57-123366-110kt scrap 6.8g 2r$160
P57-122968-210kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 1g White box (very thin chain/1/02pt)$20
P57-122968-110kt DIAMOND EARRINGS 1.8g White box (14*1/2pt)$40
P57-122919-210kt DIAMOND RING 1.5g 5 small diamonds$50
P57-122789-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 15.1g Figuero$200
P57-122670-114kt DIAMOND RING 2g 1/30pt round 2/05 (band is cut* bottom)$240
P57-122353-4FossilNVMNWRIST WATCH Black fase$44.99
P57-122197-114kt ring 2.8g 1@50$299.99
P57-121320-210kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1/04pt round (6@ 1/2pt round)$80
P57-121320-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g Bent (about 20 1/2pt round diam chips)$80
P57-121281-114kt scrap gold/diamond ring 6.3g Bands cut on both (yellow gold one has 12/5pt diam)$160
P57-121277-410kt ring 1.8g 1r fake stne$40
P57-121277-314kt ring 2.7g 1r broken$80
P57-121127-1Croton10ATM-330FTWRIST WATCH In balck case w/ power cord$39.99
P57-120486-210kt scrap gold 2.7g Scrap$60
P57-120072-114kt GOLD RING 8.5g Nugget$240
P57-119735-1silver 719g 2 Silver bar bulion$449.99
P57-119630-310kt GOLD RING 1.8g Clear white stone (not diamond)$40
P57-119630-214kt scrap gold bracelet 0.7g Broken$25
P57-119630-110kt scrap gold ring 0.9g Band is cut (w/red round clear stone)$25
P57-119328-1WRIST WATCH Goldish color$99.99
P57-118952-5diamond 1@40$399.99
P57-118555-210kt ring 3.2g Bunch of small stones$60
P57-118555-114kt scrap 24.4g 2e, 2r, 1b, 1@25$700
P57-118057-414kt PENDANT 11.5g Colored stones surround$350
P57-117910-110kt GOLD BAND 2.2g Soldered on bottome$50
P57-117855-214kt necklace 9.9g Extra link$350
P57-117851-114kt RING 3.2g 1r$90
P57-117786-214kt scrap 2.9g 2e, 1n$100
P57-117488-114kt ring 4g 1@20$220
P57-116565-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.6g 7/13pt all round (very included/white)$249.99
P57-115691-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 1@65$649.99
P57-115502-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 1@4$60
P57-115457-214kt PENDANT 7.6g Large purple stone$28.8
P57-115457-114kt necklace 3.2g Chain$84
P57-114648-114kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 3.9g 1/13pt round$103.32
P57-113579-310kt ring 4.2g Red stone$92
P57-113579-214kt ring 2.5g 1r$76
P57-113579-114kt necklace 2.3g 1n 1p 1@13$104
P57-113219-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.9g 1/33pt 2/03 all round$399.99
P57-112933-214kt DIAMOND RING 1g 1/33pt round$399.99
P57-112564-114kt DIAMOND RING 2g 1/08pt round$80
P57-112535-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g Blue stone$50
P57-112525-214kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 2/01pt round (2hearts)$40
P57-112525-110kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g 3/01pt round$40
P57-112493-114kt GOLD RING 1.9g 12@2$34.56
P57-111809-214kt DIAMOND RING 3g 1@25 9@10$599.99
P57-111262-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.7g 1/20pt round (set)$239.99
P57-109447-110kt ring 3.3g Says dad$60
P57-107383-118kt GOLD RING 2.7g Plain$80
P57-107260-118kt GOLD BAND 8.4g Plain ring$260
P57-106788-114kt DIAMOND RING 5g Aprox 1*.50$600
P57-106396-1ring 4.8g 4.8 g gold ring/with 1 diamond$229.99
P57-105460-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.6g 3/02pt round$140
P57-105006-214kt DIAMOND RING 1.4g 1/20pt round$130
P57-104694-1DIAMOND RING 6.4g 1/30pt marquise (bunch small diam) 3 green stones **band is cut**$280
N57-189577Watch Battery$6.99
N57-188743Franklin 1/2$9.99
N57-18872614KT YG Bracelet$449.99
N57-180748Ike Dollar Coin$1.99
N57-179322US$1 Silver Notes$2.99
JD57-192401Silver Earrings$9.99
JD57-192400Silver Earrings 4.5g$9.99
JD57-192398Sterling Silver Bracelet 6.5g$12.99
JD57-19238714KT Gold Necklace$449.99
JD57-19238614KT Gold Necklace 12.2g$569.2
JD57-19238514KT Gold Necklace 13.1g$609.99
JD57-19238114Kt Gold Ring$368.999
JD57-19237910KT Gold Bracelet 3.1g$119.99
JD57-19237714KT Gold Bracelet 5.8g$269.99
JD57-19237614KT Tri-Color Gold Earrings 3.0g$139.99
JD57-19237510KT Black Hills Gold Ring 2.3$89.99
JD57-19237414KT Gold Ring$289.99
JD57-19237314 KT Gold Necklace 6.7g$314.99
B57-98365-514kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g 1/50pt round$699.99
B57-97843-1Loose Diamond 1/10pt princess$24.99
B57-97275-1loose dia 1*.23$74.99
B57-97080-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.7g 1@65$699.99
B57-96197-114kt rings 7.8g Theres 2$120
B57-93805-214kt 14k scrap 1.1g 1 pcs$20
B57-92529-114kt ring 2g 1@52 pts$849.99
B57-92429-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.1g 1*60, 8*10$1199.99
B57-91755-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.2g 1@45$399.99
B57-91173-114kt DIAMOND RING 2g 1@19$99.99
B57-90798-1WRIST WATCH Citizen$49.99
B57-90616-314kt DIAMOND RING 1.6g 1@30$259.99
B57-89817-210kt GOLD RING 2.7g Red stone$49.34
B57-87561-510kt GOLD RING 5.6g 2 rings, scrap$66
B57-233554-1scrap dental 8g None$320
B57-233342-1Bed Bath And Beyondgift card 50$40
B57-233337-1$50Gift Card $50 festival gift card$40
B57-233004-114kt Omega Gold Necklace 39.8g W/diamond slide$1400
B57-232962-4FitbitCHARGE 2Fitbit Charge 2$44.99
B57-232962-203scrap silver$184
B57-232962-202Silver Bracelet$19.99
B57-232962-110kt Scrap Gold 1g Misc$600
B57-232840-114kt GOLD RING 2.6g White w/ small stones$140
B57-232833-210kt goldring 3g 3.0 10 with 12 stones$130
B57-232833-110kt GOLD RING 4g 4.0 round 10k$130
B57-232815-214kt GOLD BRACELET 4.9g Plain$200
B57-232775-210kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.6g With pendant (purple stone in center of heart)$60
B57-232775-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.7g With cross pendant$70
B57-232770-310kt Diamond Bracelet 4.1g Really small/round diamonds$100
B57-232770-214kt Diamond Slide 3.8g Really small round diamond$150
B57-232770-114kt Scrap Gold Necklace 9.9g Herring bone/bent$400
B57-232766-1SILVER NECKLACE 3.7g With crystals$10
B57-232754-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 19.6g Har$800
B57-232744-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 10.5g Herring bone$540
B57-232723-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.1g 1@117pts$1099.99
B57-232708-214kt scrap gold 7.4g Pendant, earrings, necklace$370
B57-232669-314kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 11 @ 5 pt$200
B57-232669-214kt diamond ring 3.4g Black stones$159.99
B57-232669-114kt GOLD RING 5.8g Multiple small diamonds$570
B57-232645-314kt gold earrings 0.5g Pair$30
B57-232645-214kt gold earrings 0.6g Pair$40
B57-232635-122kt Scrap Gold 21.7g Broken part of bracelet$1600
B57-232633-110kt gold watch case 7g Open pocket watch$240
B57-232630-111John Tyler Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-110Zachory Taylor Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-109Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-107John Adams Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-106James Madison Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-105James Monroe Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-104William Harrison Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-101Jams Polk Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232630-1John Adams Dollar Coin Set$5.99
B57-232606-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 2.4g Diamond pendant$100
B57-232597-210kt GOLD RING 2.8g With blue stone in center$90
B57-232597-114kt GOLD RING 3.3g With blue stone in center$160
B57-232491-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 8.3g Plain$350
B57-232487-110kt GOLD RING 4.2g Rose colored 1944 class ring$140
B57-232468-310kt scrap gold 7.3g 5 rings$240
B57-232460-118kt GOLD PEND 1.8g #1 dad!$80
B57-232427-30210kt Cross Pendant 1.8g$64.99
B57-232427-114kt GOLD RING 8.4g 3@8pts round$440
B57-232424-114kt GOLD RING 2g Yellow stone in center$80
B57-232388-110kt gold earrings 5.5g$209.99
B57-232316-101Scrap Gold$280
B57-232308-210kt GOLD RING 2.1g Bunch of small white stones$70
B57-232308-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g Wedding set. 1@33pts round$450
B57-232277-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 12.8g Omega$500
B57-232268-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.9g 1@20pts round$250
B57-232263-110kt Scrap Gold Ring 2.7g Diamond is real but not good quality$130
B57-232244-110kt Scrap Gold Ring 7.7g Class ring (clintonville truckers)$252
B57-232243-214kt DIAMOND RING 5g 1/15pt round (4 small marquee red stones)$210
B57-232243-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.8g 4/02pt (2 red stones)$160
B57-232226-210kt Scrap Gold Necklace 1.4g Knotted up (w/dolphin pendant)$40
B57-232200-2LacosteWRIST WATCH In org box with tag$70
B57-232200-1CoachW1545WRIST WATCH In org box with tags$60
B57-232129-1Silver Fashion Ring$9.99
B57-232100-214kt DIAMOND RING 4.1g Set (1/25pt round 6/01)$310
B57-232100-114kt Diamond Band 2.6g 10/02pt round$120
B57-232034-214kt scrap gold 2.4g Ring, heart pendant with blue stones$80
B57-232034-110kt scrap gold 4.1g 2 rings, one white (missing stone) one yellow$120
B57-232019-2Red RobinNVMNgiftcard Red Robin 25$$20
B57-232013-110kt Gold Pin 2.3g Life & causualty bankers$60
B57-231963-110kt scrap gold 3.9g Dented$110
B57-231956-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.4g 1/15pt marquee$330
B57-231945-1FossilES-2348WRIST WATCH In tin (w/manual) white band$29.99
B57-231879-114kt GOLD RING 8.2g Plain$350
B57-231871-114kt GOLD BAND 4g 5 blue stones$180
B57-231830-114kt GOLD RING 3.4g With 6 small white stones in center$170
B57-231785-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 8.4g Broken$280
B57-231774-210kt GOLD RING 2.8g$89.99
B57-231774-114kt scrap gold rings 3g 2r$150
B57-231770-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 1*17pts$200
B57-231759-1srap gold Mix$550
B57-231752-114kt Scrap Gold Earring 0.6g One$30
B57-231721-114kt GOLD RING 3.8g Bunch of red stones through center$160
B57-231682-224kt GOLD RING 7.5g Band$660
B57-231681-114kt gold pendant 0.6g Girls rule on front$30
B57-231679-1AppleSERIES 5smart watch With charger$249.99
B57-231619-114kt DIAMOND RING 10.7g 3@20pts round$699.99
B57-231618-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g 1@35pts round$449.99
B57-231601-214kt scrap gold 7.5g 2r$360
B57-231601-110kt scrap gold 6.9g 3r$230
B57-231567-114kt GOLD RING 2.8g With cluster of small white stones$160
B57-231557-1scrap gold 11g 10kt$370
B57-231499-114kt GOLD RING 2.1g 2 white 1 green stones$90
B57-231454-114kt GOLD RING 7.1g Band$360
B57-231447-114kt Ring 6.1g Diamond Ring$1499.99
B57-231384-1silver rings 11.2g 2 rings$10
B57-231356-401Silver Hoop Earrings$9.99
B57-231336-114kt GOLD BRACELET 4.6g Rose, yellow, white$209.99
B57-231257-114kt GOLD BAND 6.2g White gold$300
B57-231208-114kt class ring 19.4g Big blue stone$860
B57-231202-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 7.8g Yellow$399.99
B57-231198-110kt GOLD RING 2.4g Yellow with some small stones$80
B57-231143-110kt GOLD RING 2.7g Multi color stones$90
B57-231092-114kt scrap gold 6.7g All 14kt$340
B57-231090-1scrap gold 5g Necklace is 10$250
B57-231077-114kt GOLD RING 0.9g Small (3 tiny diam chips)$40
B57-231058-1Loose Diamond 1/25pt round$44
B57-230951-214kt Scrap Dental Gold 4.8g Bridge$240
B57-230951-114kt Gold Pendant 1.2g Moon/star$50
B57-230825-314kt GOLD BAND 2.4g Plain$110
B57-230825-210kt GOLD BAND 2g Plain$60
B57-230810-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 12/03pt round$99.99
B57-230785-214kt GOLD RING 3.6g 5 Green Oval Stones$139.99
B57-230785-118kt Scrap Diamond Ring 7.7g Cut band (multi color round center stone)$450
B57-230755-210kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 1/15pt 2/12 all princess$170
B57-230755-114kt Diamond Wrap 2.4g 2/10pt 2/05 all round$170
B57-230671-114kt scrap gold 2.2g Ring with 4 colored stones$100
B57-230645-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 1@25pts princess$290
B57-230603-110kt GOLD BAND 2.5g Scrap$80
B57-230524-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.4g Cluster of 21/05pt round diamonds$499.99
B57-230510-114kt GOLD RING 3.9g 4 small white stones in center$202
B57-230496-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1@18pts round si$120
B57-230432-110kt GOLD RING 1.4g With two pearl-like stones in center$40
B57-230403-110kt GOLD RING 5.4g Mens cz$190
B57-230384-310kt DIAMOND RING 1.4g Yellow small stone$50
B57-230337-110kt DIAMOND RING 2g Small diamond$70
B57-230324-114kt GOLD BAND 4.9g With black stones$250
B57-230317-1coin set 1 silver coin (26.7g 90%) rest face value$34.82
B57-230289-114kt Scrap Gold 10.8g 2 rings$650
B57-230259-1scrap silver 28.4g Broken necklace, pendant, earrings, ring$40
B57-230257-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 12.6g Rope$678
B57-230255-303SCRAP GOLD$880
B57-230255-30218KT Gold Bracelet 1.8$99.99
B57-230255-30114 KT Gold Necklace Braded$399.99
B57-230255-314 KT Gold Bracelet With Blue Stones 7.5$299.99
B57-230255-2 10KT Gold Bracelet 4.3$154.99
B57-230230-114kt scrap gold 1g Ring-missing diamond$50
B57-230195-1bracelet 35g Silver$40
B57-230180-3silver 54.5g 1 ring and set of shakers$64
B57-230180-2With green stone$0.0000
B57-230180-114kt ear ring 0.8g Gold hoop for scrap$50
B57-230046-1scrap silver 118g Pendants, spoons, necklaces, rings, tea strainer, salt and pepper shakers, cuff links.$140
B57-230025-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.8g 1/25pt round$440
B57-230011-110kt Scrag Gold 14g Rings, necklaces etc.. Busted up$400
B57-229982-1scrap silver 93g Various$100
B57-229976-1Sterling Silver and Diamond Ring$49.99
B57-229879-1GOLD NECKLACE 1.7g Broken (scrap)$70
B57-229868-110kt GOLD BAND 5g Plain$180
B57-229851-114kt Scrap Gold 4.2g Necklace & ring (cz stones)$200
B57-229816-218kt GOLD RING 4.2g With light pin stone in center$220
B57-229816-114kt scrap gold 1.5g Ring missing stone$60
B57-229729-214kt Scrap Gold Necklace 1.3g W/white-round (pearl-like?)$50
B57-229729-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1/15pt round$160
B57-229719-110kt GOLD RING 2.6g Bunch of small white stones in center$100
B57-229682-114kt Scrap Gold 1.5g Busted up chain/necklace (no clasp)$80
B57-229675-1scrap gold 1g Bunch$940
B57-229646-4scrap gold 7.5g Mix$370
B57-229646-310kt scrap ring 5.8g Class ring$212
B57-229646-218kt scrap gold 2.9g Single band$186
B57-229646-1silver scrap In bag$102.8
B57-229644-214kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.1g Plain$40
B57-229592-114kt GOLD RING 8.9g 2 rings and a bracelt$350
B57-229560-114kt GOLD BAND 5.8g Plain$280
B57-229421-3SILVER NECKLACE 6.4g W/picture locket$30
B57-229421-210kt DIAMOND RING 3.4g Set (1/03pt round)$120
B57-229414-2PandoraPandora Bracelet$34.99
B57-229402-110kt GOLD RING 3.9g With blue stone in center$120
B57-229398-2silver 62.4g Cover$40
B57-229324-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g Small round purple stone (8 small diam chips)$60
B57-229303-310kt GOLD BAND 2.3g Missing center stone$20
B57-229303-214kt GOLD RING 3g Center diamond is lose$200
B57-229303-110kt GOLD BAND 3.8g Men’s band$128
B57-229284-210kt EARRINGS 1.8g Set of 10k earrings with 10k pendent$60
B57-229284-114kt GOLD RING 2g Small purple stone$100
B57-229268-114kt GOLD BAND 8.3g Plain$400
B57-229252-110kt gold chain 3.9g Scrap broken in 2 places$130
B57-229251-1AppleSPORT BAND BLACK 38MMWatch Band In orig box$10
B57-229226-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 1/20pt round 8/01pt$240
B57-229144-310kt GOLD RING 2.9g With purple stone$90
B57-229144-214kt GOLD RING 2.4g Plain$110
B57-229144-1scrap silver 64.5g Bracelet, pendant$50
B57-229142-308Silver Ring With Turquoise$0.01
B57-229142-2scrap silver 2 bracelets$66
B57-229142-114kt scrap gold 7.1g 2 rings$340
B57-229133-114kt Scrap Gold Watch 5g Casing & outside band is 14kt y (weight is estimated gold portion)$250
B57-229112-110kt ring 16g Older class ring$520
B57-229107-1scrap gold 1.4g 1 earring$60
B57-229072-118kt GOLD RING 8.6g 1@30pts round (4 small diamonds on either side)$680
B57-229025-114kt Scrap gold 11.9g Various (necklaces, bracelets etc)$560
B57-228967-110kt scrap gold 24g 3rings, 2 braceletes, 1 necklace$800
B57-228932-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.1g Broken$40
B57-228880-114kt GOLD RING 3.1g 5 small round white stones in center$140
B57-228827-210kt scrap gold 10g 5 rings$330
B57-228827-1j 14.8g Scap$710
B57-228796-110kt GOLD RING 4.6g Multi color stones$130
B57-228740-114kt necklace 5.8g Scrap$280
B57-228621-214kt DIAMOND RING 8.1g 1/25pt round (bunch more tiny 1-2pt ea or less)$1
B57-228621-114kt DIAMOND RING 2g Small diam chips$600
B57-228418-114kt ring 1.6g In red box with 1@25 points diamond$220
B57-228340-114kt Scrap Gold 6.4g 2n, 1p$290
B57-228272-110kt GOLD RING 4g Cluster$139.99
B57-228230-1ear ring 0.4g 1 hoop ear ring small stone$20
B57-228219-214kt GOLD RING 4.5g Not diamonds$200
B57-228219-1GOLD BAND 4.6g Comfort fit style/plain$200
B57-228215-5silver ring 4.2g Set$6
B57-228175-2GOLD BAND 7.6g Small diamonds$320
B57-228148-210kt Scrap Gold 16.3g 2 class rings$460
B57-228148-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 3g W/small round pend (w/roman figure)$140
B57-228108-1ring 3.3g 14k with small diamonds and red stone as center$160
B57-228084-110kt Scrap Gold 2.9g 2 rings$90
B57-228001-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.8g Very small dia$90
B57-227994-110kt Scrap Gold 4.9g 3 rings/1notted up necklace$152
B57-227964-2SSkt Scrap Silver 22.7g Various$14
B57-227964-114kt Scrap Gold Ring 1.9g Plain$60
B57-227847-3DIAMOND RING 1*20$56
B57-227847-2DIAMOND RING 4.5g 1*.2$204
B57-227847-114kt DIAMOND RING 2g 1*15$90
B57-227799-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.3g 1/20pt round$360
B57-227781-2SSkt SILVER NECKLACE 5.6g With cross$15
B57-227781-114kt GOLD RING 2.7g Bent$120
B57-227715-114kt Scrap Diamond Ring 1.5g Loose stone in bag w/ring$80
B57-227711-110kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 4/05pt round (1/01pt round)$130
B57-227695-2ring 2.9g Ring with center stone$130
B57-227695-1ring 2.1g Band with small stones$60
B57-227407-1Torrid$100Gift Card $100 gc$80
B57-227396-110kt Scrap Gold Bracelet 3.3g Broken$80
B57-227355-55.4kt gold rings 10g 2 rings$140
B57-227355-4SSkt scrap silver 59.3g Pin, 2 rings, 2 bracelets & necklace$30
B57-227355-2SSkt silver necklaace W/red colored stones$20
B57-227344-114kt Scrap Gold Ring 2.1g Scrap$80
B57-227220-1DIAMOND RING 1.6g Small diamond$40
B57-227180-2SSkt silver ring 12.5g Sliver ring$10
B57-227180-110kt GOLD RING 3.5g Ring$90
B57-227102-410kt GOld Pin 1.1g ”40”$30
B57-227102-310kt Scrap Gold Rings 5.8g 3 rings$130
B57-227102-214kt Scrap Watch Back 5.6g 2pc$220
B57-227102-104Casino Silver Coins$19.99
B57-227102-103Casino Silver Coins$19.99
B57-227102-102Casino Silver Coins$19.99
B57-227102-101Casino Silver Coins$19.99
B57-227045-1scap gold Dental$80
B57-227006-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g 1/51pt round$599.99
B57-226984-501scrap gold$176
B57-226871-410kt GOLD BAND 1.8g Mothers$50
B57-226752-114kt DIAMOND RING 3g With appri 1*.91$1699.99
B57-226674-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.4g 3/01pt round$40
B57-226592-1scrap gold ring 5.1g Scrap$200
B57-226556-2GOLD BRACELET 46g Gerardo$1800
B57-226507-210kt diamond EARRINGS 3.3g 2@6 2@3 2@1$100
B57-226507-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 20@.02$100
B57-226471-110kt Gold Earrings 8.2g Smaller/round$200
B57-226470-110kt gold pendant 1.9g W/ 1 stone missing$40
B57-226435-114kt Scrap Gold Ring 3.3g Missing main stone$128
B57-226418-210kt Gold Pendant 0.7g Leaves$22
B57-226418-114kt Scrap Gold 0.2g Earring backs$8
B57-226376-114kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 10.9g W/cross diam pendant$399.99
B57-226304-114kt GOLD RING 3.5g 14kt GOLD RING 3.5g Leaves (two tone)$130
B57-226280-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.4g 3/08, 3 small marquise stones$50
B57-226175-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.1g With pendant(square blue stone)$49.99
B57-226173-2scrap gold 2.7g 1r$60
B57-226173-114kt scrap gold 16.3g 1 n 2 r$600
B57-226138-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5.8g Plain$200
B57-226093-114kt GOLD RING 3.5g 3 small diamonds in center$150
B57-226071-114kt GOLD RING 3.6g Pink marquee stone$120
B57-226035-210kt j 11.1g Harring bone$300
B57-226035-110kt GOLD BRACELET 6g With red stones$80
B57-226003-214kt gold pendant 0.8g With small white stones$30
B57-226002-214kt Scrap Gold 1.6g Busted up necklace(s)$60
B57-226002-110kt Scrap Gold 2.4g Busted up necklace(s)$60
B57-225886-110kt GOLD RING 2.8g With 8 small white diamonds in center surrounded by about 19 small white diamonds$90
B57-225844-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g Missing stone$44
B57-225758-114kt GOLD RING 6.5g With fake diamonds$200
B57-225710-214kt DIAMOND PENDANT 0.5g 1@15pts round$160
B57-225686-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 3 small stones$90
B57-225685-310kt GOLD RING 2.1g 3 small stones$50
B57-225685-210kt GOLD RING 1.6g W/single round stone$40
B57-225685-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.8g Marquise stone in middle w/8 smaller stones$240
B57-225678-214kt GOLD RING 4.7g 3 diff color stones (bluish green/white/orange)$140
B57-225650-1Silver Coins 1g 1$400
B57-225532-1GOLD NECKLACE 5.4g Bent$200
B57-225521-1GOLD BAND 3.6g Not diamond$94
B57-225516-3silver earring 12.5g Pair$8
B57-225516-2silver earing 1g Pair$8
B57-225516-114kt gold earring 0.01g 1$4
B57-225499-214kt DIAMOND RING 3.8g 30pts princess cut$400
B57-225499-110kt diamond earring 0.5g Single earring 15pts, round$40
B57-225363-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.6g 1*35, i$299.99
B57-225351-3SSkt PENDANT 11.7g St. Florian$10
B57-225347-114kt Scrap Gold 6.7g Watch casing/back (scratched tested/acid on it too)$250
B57-225278-310kt Scrap Gold 9.3g 2 rings, pin, earring$200
B57-225278-214kt Scrap Gold 67.1g Bent necklace,omega, 1 more$2300
B57-225278-110kt Herring Bone Necklace 21.2g Wide/flat$500
B57-225273-1SeikoV739-0B30Seiko WRIST WATCH$49.99
B57-225259-1Bloomengift card 50.00$40
B57-225217-201Scrap Gold Ring$150
B57-225194-114kt GOLD PENDANT 4.7g Butterfly with stork and letter b$160
B57-225147-1$1 Silver Notes$2.99
B57-225145-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.7g Broken$60
B57-225045-414kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 7/10pt marquee diamonds$170
B57-225045-314kt DIAMOND RING 5.5g 1/25pt marquee 2/02pt round (2tiny red marquee)$250
B57-225045-210kt Scrap Diamond ring 3.2g Band is cut (red marquee)$80
B57-225045-114kt GOLD BAND 8.8g Plain/thick band$320
B57-224992-214kt scrap gold 33.4g 2rings, 2 brace, 2necklcs$1400
B57-224992-110kt Scrap Gold 7.5g Bangle bracelets (x3)$200
B57-224885-1scrap gold 1g Mix 18kt 14kt$930
B57-224730-110kt DIAMOND RING 4.3g 7/03pt round$120
B57-224593-1scrap gold 1g Bunch$248
B57-224563-1loose diamond 4.7g 1@35pts$140
B57-224506-114kt RING 3g Gold ring$120
B57-224392-110kt GOLD RING 6.4g With white and red stones in center$140
B57-224374-2SSkt Scrap Silver 11.5g Various$10
B57-224374-114kt Gold Earrings 2g Pair/small hops$70
B57-224315-118kt GOLD NECKLACE 3.8g With m pendant$180
B57-224307-2Raybansunglasses In blue case, aviator, amber matic, wrap around mid 1980s$200
B57-224307-1sunglasses Black case, aviator mid 1980s gold reflectors wrap a round$200
B57-224273-114kt scrap gold ring 1g 2 very small stones$40
B57-224249-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.3g 1/03pts round$40
B57-224233-101scap gold$200
B57-224227-110kt Black Hills Gold Ring$59.99
B57-224190-318kt scrap gold 2.4g 3 pendants$320
B57-224190-214kt Gold Braclet 1.8g$59.99
B57-224117-118kt GOLD BRACELET 11.2g Not diamonds$400
B57-224097-110kt GOLD RING 2.8g With black stone$99.98
B57-224086-110kt scrap gold 2g Hourse pendant, single angel earring$50
B57-224041-1scap gold ring 12.8g School$320
B57-223914-110kt scrap gold 4.3g Half heart pendant, plain necklace$40
B57-223861-110kt Scrap Gold 2.1g 2 rings$52
B57-223754-110kt GOLD RING 1.3g Heart in center$30
B57-223663-114kt scrap gold neck 9.7g Broken$430
B57-223662-310kt GOLD RING 1.6g W/green stone in middle$40
B57-223662-214kt GOLD BAND 4g 5 small stones around band$150
B57-223662-110kt DIAMOND RING 4g Inside red box$140
B57-223621-210kt GOLD NECKLACE 0.9g Plain$20
B57-223599-414kt BRACLET 13g Scrap gold$490
B57-223599-314kt plain chain 1g Scrap gold$40
B57-223599-214kt PENDANT 0.7g Scrap gold – 7 stones (not diamonds)$26
B57-223599-110kt ring 3g W/blue stone in middle$74
B57-223592-1VariousSterling Silver 478g Various pieces (17pc) spoons, forks, etc$250
B57-223591-114kt scrap gold 14g Bracelet, 2 rings, necklace.$400
B57-223552-210kt scrap gold 8g Bracalet, ring, 2 pair earrings, 1 single earring, 1 pendant$200
B57-223552-114kt scrap gold 12.3g 4 rings, 1 braclet, 1 pair earrings$460
B57-223518-114kt Scrap Gold 19.4g Various chains, dental gold etc$650
B57-223473-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 6/01pt round (purple oval)$80
B57-223436-1Scrap Silver 166g Various (gb tested/valued kf finished)$110
B57-223369-1scrap gold 18.3g Scrap$700
B57-223331-1SILVER 94.5g Ash tray$60
B57-223208-110kt DIAMOND EARRINGS 0.4g (pair) 2/13pts round$20
B57-223172-114kt GOLD BAND 8.8g Single gold band$360
B57-223103-114kt Dental Gold 3.9g 2 gold crowns$150
B57-222997-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.6g Small diamond in center$60
B57-222984-214kt EARRINGS 1.7g 1 pair earrings, 2 single earrings$61
B57-222962-210kt scrap gold 12.1g 10kt$300
B57-222962-1scrap gold 17.1g 14kt$580
B57-222836-514kt GOLD RING 2.5g Blk oval$90
B57-222836-414kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g 1/03pt$110
B57-222836-314kt GOLD RING 2.2g 3 dark blue round stones$80
B57-222829-1Scrap Silver 9.5g Ring, 2pendants, necklace$10
B57-222819-110kt Single Gold Earring 0.4g Small hoop$10
B57-222756-110kt scrap gold 3.4g Bracelet, ring(fake diamond) rose gold$70
B57-222670-114kt Earing 2.4g Single earing$90
B57-222650-3silver ring With green stones in center$10
B57-222650-2silver bracelet Plain$10
B57-222650-114kt scrap gold 7.2g 1 yellow 14k ring, 1 white 10k ring$200
B57-222598-114kt GOLD BAND 5.4g Plain$200
B57-222589-114kt gold anklet 10.2g Links$390
B57-222563-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.6g 10/05pt round (men’s)$250
B57-222482-2SSkt Lia Sophia Silver Necklace 4.8g Silver$10
B57-222395-1scrap silver rings 4$40
B57-222328-114kt gold earring 2.4g Single hoop (w/flowers & 15)$90
B57-222321-114kt GOLD RING 2.3g 2 small stones$80
B57-222277-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 1/20pt 2/08 all princess$250
B57-222257-1SSkt scrap 25g Necklaces, couple pendants$20
B57-222205-114kt gold pendant 2.6g Heart shape$90
B57-222174-1SSkt Sterling Silver Ring 13.7g Not diamond$10
B57-222139-114kt scrap gold 2.1g 2 gold pendants$80
B57-222091-114kt scrap gold 13.6g Broken rings, earrings.$510
B57-222075-314kt Scrap Gold 8.2g Loose inside white envelope$220
B57-222075-210kt Scrap Gold 17.3g Various (inside small yellow evn inside white one)$320
B57-222061-210kt silver ring 1.8g 3 stones on band$46
B57-222061-110kt SILVER BAND 1g Regular band$24
B57-221997-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.2g 1/25pt round (very small ring size)$170
B57-221973-114kt Scrap Gold 0.9g Busted up name pendant$30
B57-221877-2Scrap Silver 69.2g Scrap Silver 69.2g Various necklaces, braclets, pendants etc$20
B57-221678-114kt DIAMOND NECKLACE 1g With teardrop pendant (1@10pts round)$60
B57-221668-114kt Scrap Gold Ring 1.9g Not diamond$50
B57-221654-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.8g Set (1/05pt round 12/01pt or less) w/receipt$250
B57-221615-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.8g 1/65pts, round$1200
B57-221584-1Silver Ring 4.7g White triangles$20
B57-221574-110kt scrap gold 3.1g Ring w/ several tiny white stones$100
B57-221535-110kt GOLD BRACELET 16.6g White stones$400
B57-221527-2Scrap Gold 8.9g Necklace,earrings$310
B57-221519-314kt scrap gold 12.4g Various$350
B57-221519-210kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.7g Plain no pend$40
B57-221519-1Scrap Silver 13.9g Ring/pendant$10
B57-221446-118kt GOLD RING 8.9g With white stones in center$360
B57-221438-1silver ring 4.3g With 9 white stones in center$20
B57-221415-114kt GOLD RING 3.6g Blk rectangle w/tiny stone in middle$150
B57-221325-114kt GOLD RING 6.2g Two tone band$220
B57-221220-210kt Gold Pendant 0.9g Not diamond$20
B57-221220-114kt Gold Cross 0.4g Small (blue stones)$20
B57-221102-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.3g Wedding set- 1@50pts round$800
B57-221060-2GOLD BAND 3g Vs diamonds$100
B57-221051-1GOLD PEND 3.5g Missing cz$80
B57-220996-103Scrap Gold$880
B57-220974-114kt necklace 3.2g Gold chain w/blue stone in middleof pendant$100
B57-220958-4gold ring 13.7g Person and tree on top$400
B57-220958-310kt GOLD RING 7g With white stones in center$140
B57-220958-210kt scrap gold 4.7g Misisng some stones$100
B57-220958-110kt scrap gold 4.4g Misisng stone$90
B57-220952-114kt GOLD PEND 2.3g 2 dolphins$80
B57-220930-110kt scrap gold 2.2g Necklace, gold earrings (red), pendant (blue)$50
B57-220872-2scrap gold 4 items$70
B57-220872-1silver mix 156$90
B57-220811-110kt GOLD RINGs 5.4g One mens, one womens (with blue stone in center)$120
B57-220801-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g 1/05pt round$90
B57-220721-110kt GOLD RING 7.6g With 3 small white stones in center$160
B57-220683-114kt GOLD RING 4.8g 1@.31/ 8@8.1$380
B57-220666-114kt GOLD BRACELET 2.3g Plain$80
B57-220656-114kt Scrap Gold 1g Various necklaces, bracelets, etc$1000
B57-220612-214kt GOLD BAND 1.9g Thin$50
B57-220612-110kt Gold Ring 3.8g Blk stone/tiny dia chip$80
B57-220575-114kt scrap gold 6.9g Plain band$240
B57-220529-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g 7/05pt round$87
B57-220489-2SSkt scrap 24.5g Set of earrings, ring, 2 peandants, bracelet$50
B57-220441-1Cost Cuttersgift card 12.75$10
B57-220410-114kt GOLD RING 7g 7 small white stones in center$220
B57-220407-214kt scrap gold 2.8g 2 necklaces$80
B57-220407-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g Flower design$30
B57-220381-114kt scrap gold 14.5g 1 ring, 3 necklaces$350
B57-220333-214kt scrap gold 0.7g Pair of heart shaped earring hackets$20
B57-220288-110kt GOLD RING 0.9g W/3 green stones & 2 white stones$20
B57-220267-110kt scrap gold 4.8g 3 rings, 1 with pink stone, 1 with 3 small blue stones, and one with red stone$100
B57-220229-110kt GOLD RING 4.7g Class ring ”1950” letter j on one side, a on the other$90
B57-220206-110kt GOLD RING 3.7g Gold ring$80
B57-220184-114kt gold 3g 2 rings, 1 pendant, 1 bracelet$100
B57-220171-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.4g 1/15pt princess (10/01pt round)$80
B57-220107-210kt scrap gold 19.5g Earrings, 2 necklaces$270
B57-220107-114kt scrap gold 4.8g Earrings$100
B57-220106-1scap mix 10/14/silver$880
B57-220099-114kt scrap gold 2.2g Bent ring$80
B57-220068-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.2g 1/25pt 2/12 all round$289.99
B57-219989-110kt Scrap Gold 10.1g 2rings/pair earrings$200
B57-219971-114kt gold cufflinks 7g In black case$230
B57-219899-110kt gold rings 4.9g 1 ring has a yellow stone in middle, 2 ring has 2 blue stones & missing a stone$90
B57-219862-110kt GOLD RING 3.9g W/4 colored stones$90
B57-219845-114kt Gold Earrings 3.5g Two-tone$119.99
B57-219840-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.6g With heart pendant$40
B57-219823-4Harley DavidsonBELT BUCKLE Larger$20
B57-219823-3Harley DavidsonBELT BUCKLE Smaller$20
B57-219790-214kt GOLD BAND 5g Gold band$56
B57-219790-114kt GOLD BAND 1.7g Gold band w/10 stones$160
B57-219780-114kt scrap gold 1.4g 1 earring$40
B57-219691-110kt GOLD RING 1.5g With white stone in center$40
B57-219681-110kt Diamond Pin/Tie Tack 1.1g 4/05pt round letter ”v”$50
B57-219676-1scrap Mix 10kt/14kt$1030
B57-219675-214kt GOLD RING 4.6g 3 round red/1 blue round$120
B57-219674-1MondaineHELVETICAMondaine WRIST WATCH$79.99
B57-219672-114kt scrap gold 5.3g 3p engraved$160
B57-219620-114kt Scrap Gold 1.5g Broken/missing clasp$40
B57-219614-110kt dental gold 2g 1$40
B57-219610-1GOld earrings 0.4g Pair/no backs (flat/nugget style)$14
B57-219582-114kt gold 1.5g Gold ring with green stone in middle$40
B57-219565-110kt gold 1.1g Ring$50
B57-219510-214kt scrap gold 8.2g Earring, broken necklace, pendants$250
B57-219510-110kt GOLD RING 2.7g With pink stone$50
B57-219490-1Tiffany & CoSILVER NECKLACE With 2 heart charms$80
B57-219456-2COINS-GOLD Bunch$200
B57-219456-1SCRAP GOLD 0.01g Misc$450
B57-219427-1Amazon$200Gift Card $200 amazon gc (redeemed/gb account 5/15/19)$100
B57-219417-114kt GOLD RING 2g With 3 small white stones in center$60
B57-219382-314kt GOLD NECKLACE 2.8g Plain$80
B57-219251-110kt Scrap Gold 3.1g Ring, tiny baby rings, heart etc (mix 10/14)$50
B57-219245-114kt GOLD BRACELET 1.2g Twisty ?!$40
B57-219234-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 6.7g Byzantine link$200
B57-219171-1SSkt SILVER BRACLET 9.2g Very small diamond$10
B57-219117-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 2.2g W/mom pendant$40
B57-218861-110kt scrap gold ring 2.3g Nugget style (horse head in middle)$40
B57-218849-1scrap silver Ring$6
B57-218820-414kt gold pendant 0.2g Letter b$4
B57-218820-310kt scrap gold 1.6g No stone$30
B57-218807-110kt scrap gold 4.3g Earring, toe rings, pendant$80
B57-218781-314kt scrap gold 4.1g (2) pendants.. One is missing stones$120
B57-218781-218kt scrap gold 1.1g Broken earings$30
B57-218781-110kt scrap gold 0.61g Broken ring$10
B57-218758-110kt Scrap Gold 5g 2rings$110
B57-218710-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g ”i love you”$40
B57-218708-114kt gold pendant 4.5g Locket$150
B57-218687-314kt GOLD RING 3.8g Two-tone$120
B57-218680-114kt DIAMOND RING 4g 1@about 13 pts round$170
B57-218666-1SSkt Sterling Silver Ring 3.1g Dark orange oval (w/some gold accents)$10
B57-218665-1scrap gold 6.9g 4r$220
B57-218642-110kt Scrap Gold 2.2g 2 rings (dolphin ring/dark red stone in other)$40
B57-218527-114kt GOLD BAND 11.1g Thick comfort fit$360
B57-218515-210kt GOLD RING 1.1g Broken$24
B57-218480-114kt Scrap Gold 1g Mix of 10/14k$920
B57-218473-1silver ring With big white stone in center$20
B57-218454-114kt gold band 5g Plain$160
B57-218384-2scrap gold 6.5g 14kt$500
B57-218384-1scrap gold 6.5g 10kt$120
B57-218331-222kt gold pendant 2.1g Cluster of gold$110
B57-218331-114kt gold pendant 4.2g Gold pendant w/blue stone$140
B57-218321-110kt DIAMOND RING 5.9g 1/15pt princess (many other small round dia chips/cracked bottom)$200
B57-218288-1GOLD PEND 0.9g Unicorn$28
B57-218261-114kt GOLD RING 3.4g Plain band$130
B57-218212-110kt scrap gold 0.5g Ring with red stone$10
B57-218205-110kt scrap gold 1.4g Ring with stone missing$20
B57-218166-1SSkt silver ring 5.4g Pair$20
B57-218156-2SSkt SILVER NECKLACE 2.4g W/infinity pendant$20
B57-218156-1SSkt SILVER NECKLACE 2.4g W/heart pendant$20
B57-218010-1scrap silver 22.5g Bracelet, earrings, necklace$20
B57-217967-1scrap gold 10.8g 1r 1n mix$350
B57-217869-110kt scrap gold 4.9g Broken rings, broken bracelet$100
B57-217805-114kt GOLD RING 2.8g Missing middle stone$70
B57-217791-1scrap gold Mix$360
B57-217773-1GOLD BAND 2.9g With small stone$100
B57-217645-1silver ring 4.2g (not diamonds)$20
B57-217589-1silver ring With fake stone in center$20
B57-217556-2scrap gold 10.8g 3 pieces$440
B57-217556-114kt scrap gold Bunch$2360
B57-217549-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 6.3g Broken$200
B57-217518-314kt Scrap Gold 1.3g Necklace$40
B57-217518-210kt Scrap Gold 1.7g 2 pair small hoops/ round no back$40
B57-217468-110kt GOLD BAND 7.3g 7 diamonds$212
B57-217456-114kt GOLD BRACELET 1.5g Plain$60
B57-217237-114kt GOLD BAND 8.7g 14kt$260
B57-217227-114kt scrap gold 1.8g Gold bracelet$60
B57-217214-210kt GOLD RING 9g Cross with red stone on top$160
B57-217214-1scrap silver Ring, pendant, etc$22
B57-217198-1scrap gold 1g Mix$3500
B57-217182-214kt scrap gold 3g Necklace$100
B57-217182-110kt scrap gold 5.5g 2 bands, pair of earings, 1 necklace$120
B57-217181-114kt GOLD RING 1.9g Band-with small white stones in center$60
B57-217091-310kt GOLD RING 2.9g Red stone in center$64
B57-217091-210kt scrap gold 6.2g 3 earings$130
B57-217091-114kt scrap gold 14.7g 3 earings, 2 rings$400
B57-217077-110kt scrap gold 1.7g Green stone on band$40
B57-217069-1GOLD BAND 2.1g Simple$70
B57-217035-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.9g 1/15pt marquee (about 20-22 small 1pt round)$200
B57-217020-110kt GOLD BAND 5.4g Engraving on inside of gold band$120
B57-217018-1scrap gold 1g Nvsn$1000
B57-216988-303Scrap silver$28
B57-216988-302silver fashion ring$19.99
B57-216988-2scrap gold 7.6g 2 r$100
B57-216985-114kt scrap gold 36g 3 bracelets, 1 necklace$804
B57-216943-214kt DIAMOND RING 3.9g 1/23pt round (18/01pt round)$240
B57-216943-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g 10/01-2pt round$160
B57-216935-5silver ring With purple stone in center$20
B57-216935-4silver ring Wedding set$20
B57-216935-3SILVER NECKLACE With pendant$20
B57-216935-2SILVER NECKLACE With wing pendant$20
B57-216935-110kt GOLD RING 3g With black stone in center$60
B57-216932-2PENDANT 2.9g Heart shaped$10
B57-216932-1ring 2g Silver ring$10
B57-216926-114kt ring 5.5g Gold ring$180
B57-216911-2SSkt silver ring 2g Heart$0.02
B57-216911-110kt GOLD RING 2.1g Brown stone$59.98
B57-216862-210kt GOLD RING 2.1g White & black round stones$40
B57-216862-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g 2 round red stones$40
B57-216834-1SSkt Diamond Earring 0.6g Silver setting (1/12pt princess) tested diam$40
B57-216755-114kt PENDANT 3.2g Gold pendant (Playing Card)$124.99
B57-216742-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.2g 1@60 pts round$799.99
B57-216709-1SSkt DIAMOND RING 3.6g$59.99
B57-216643-114kt Scrap Gold 9.9g Busted up necklace & bracelet$300
B57-216605-4SkagenSKT1203Skagen WRIST WATCH Small beige blue box$39.99
B57-216573-213Sterling Silver Fashion Braclet$9.99
B57-216573-212Sterling Silver Fashion Braclet$9.99
B57-216573-211 Sterling Silver Fashion Ring$9.99
B57-216573-110kt Scrap Gold Ring 1.9g Cut$40
B57-216559-114kt scrap gold 5.7g Plain band, pendant, tangled up necklace$170
B57-216538-118kt GOLD pin 2.7g Scrap$56
B57-216519-214kt GOLD BRACELET 1.6g Flat/herring bone style$40
B57-216519-114kt GOLD BRACELET 1.6g Rope style$40
B57-216508-114kt Scrap Gold 3.3g Broken chain w/cross (both 14k w)$120
B57-216477-114kt Scrap Gold/Diamond Ring 1.8g Missing one of the tiny diamonds$60
B57-216437-210kt gold pendant 0.7g Sweet 16$10
B57-216437-1silver pendants 5 total (flag, 16, piano, computer, blowdryer) pd 5 a pc$50
B57-216409-110kt GOLD RING 6.3g With 7 white stone in center$130
B57-216067-1Scrap Silver Necklace 7g Broken$4
B57-216053-114kt Scrap Gold Ring 3.4g Middle stone not diamond!! its moissanite$100
B57-215957-214kt DIAMOND RING 8.8g 1/25pt$329.99
B57-215860-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.7g 1/38pt (3.5×7.2mm) marquee$320
B57-215804-114kt scrap gold 7.3g 2 bands, 1 necklace with a broken clasp.$220
B57-215797-410kt gold earrings With red stone in center$20
B57-215797-110kt gold pendant 1.6g With pearl-like stone in center$30
B57-215780-214kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g White diamond in center$70
B57-215780-114kt GOLD BAND 1.2g Plain$24
B57-215730-210kt scrap gold 9.9g Rings, pendants$220
B57-215706-214kt scrap gold 11.4g Rings-broken$340
B57-215706-110kt j 8.8g Scrap gold$160
B57-215700-1AppleSERIES 3 42MMsmart watch With charging cord$120.01
B57-215692-110kt scrap gold 1.3g Broken necklace$20
B57-215501-218kt GOLD RING 1.9g With 2 white chips and a red stone in center$40
B57-215501-110kt GOLD RING 4.2g Missing 2 stones. (green stones)$40
B57-215473-410kt gold pendants 2.2g 2 one heart, one with purple stone in center$40
B57-215468-114kt GOLD RING 3g Green rectangle$40
B57-215431-114kt GOLD BAND 2.6g Plain$80
B57-215315-110kt scrap gold 0.71g Pair of earrings-missing posts. With pink stones$10
B57-215256-110kt GOLD RING 1.7g With small white stone in center$90
B57-215163-110kt GOLD RING 2.4g 11 small stones$50
B57-215126-114kt gold rings 6.7g Set-fake diamonds$200
B57-214918-1SSkt Sterling Silver Bracelet 78.2g Engraved ”j.Kuehn”$50
B57-214912-310kt gold pendant 1g 2 pendants, one with white stone, one with purple stone$30
B57-214767-1silver ring 4.2g Fake stones (price at 39.99)$30
B57-214661-214kt DIAMOND RING 2.2g 9/01pt round$0.02
B57-214661-114kt DIAMOND RING 1g 14kt DIAMOND RING 1g 9/01pt round$0.02
B57-214659-114kt GOLD BRACELET 37.2g ”berna” on name plate$1120
B57-214616-214kt DIAMOND RING 8.8g 4/12pt princess center, tons of 1pt round surround center & band$399.99
B57-214616-110kt Scrap Diamond Ring 1.6g 1/10pt marquee (bent)$50
B57-214554-114kt GOLD RING 4.5g With blue stone in center$140
B57-214531-1scrap gold 6.6g 2 rings$140
B57-214515-114kt DIAMOND RING 7.6g 1/25pt round$290
B57-214455-1DIAMOND RING 4g 1@10pts round$50
B57-214449-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.9g 1@ 7 pts round$170
B57-214325-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 4.3g Plain$130
B57-214319-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 10.7g (scrap) bad link$320
B57-214279-210kt Scrap Gold Bracelet 3.7g Yellow$70
B57-214279-1scrap silver 87.7g 10qtrs, 4nickles, 1 mercury dime, scrap silve chain$50
B57-214255-1SSkt sILVER RING 2.4g Heart (not diamond)$14
B57-214244-114kt GOLD RING 6.4g 5 diamonds$210
B57-214206-1candle stick holders (pair)$30
B57-213658-3scrap silver 18g 6r 2 e$12
B57-213551-1DIAMOND RING 6.3g 1@72 pts APRIAIS$1399.99
B57-213429-414kt GOLD RING 1.2g Blue/cler stones$44.99
B57-213286-2ESQSWISSESQ Swiss E5076 WRIST WATCH$49.99
B57-213190-2SeikoNONEWRIST WATCH With links$59.99
B57-212645-1PandoraSILVER BRACLET 13.6g In white box$25
B57-212561-410kt GOLD RING 4.3g Harley$90
B57-212561-214kt GOLD RING 3.3g$99.99
B57-212556-1BulovaMARINE STARBulova WRIST WATCH$59.99
B57-211884-310kt ring 1.5g Small marquis diamond$28
B57-211758-114kt GOLD BRACELET 6.7g With small white rectangular diamonds (42-2/3 pts)$189.99
B57-211419-2silver 6-spoons$60
B57-211419-1Clintonwatch Womens small face$130
B57-211375-114kt Heart Shaped Earrings$19.99
B57-210790-114kt Gold Earrings 0.5g Yellow$10
B57-210667-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.2g 1/25pt Round (set)$299.99
B57-209975-1coin Fourty-eighth bct$15
B57-209548-1SkagenNONESkagen WRIST WATCH$89.99
B57-209512-114kt GOLD RING 2.7g .25 pt$239.99
B57-208149-210kt GOLD NECKLACE 1.6g Thin chain$44.99
B57-208129-102Gold Ball Earrigs$24.99
B57-207838-10110KT Diamond Ring 1*20$139.99
B57-207351-101Sterling Silver Ring$19.99
B57-207249-2Silver Coin 1oz .999 fine silver$14
B57-207223-110kt DIAMOND RING 2g 12/01pt round$50
B57-207140-1Menard’sgift card $300.00$240
B57-205832-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.7g 1@20pts, white, round, si$154.99
B57-205641-514kt scrap gold 1.8g Earrings, 2 bracelets$66
B57-205163-310kt GOLD RING 1.8g Yellow (cut/open) & white gold ring$20
B57-205163-214kt scrap gold 2.7g Small pair gold earrings (ring w/blue stones)$80
B57-205163-1SSkt Scrap Silver 96.8g Spoons, necklace etc$60
B57-204940-1PLAkt DIAMOND RING 7.1g 1@50pts 2@20pts round$699.99
B57-204838-114kt DIAMOND RING 8.5g 1/30pt princess 2 rows (one each side of main) of 4-5pt round (crack underneath main ring)$329.99
B57-204724-114kt White Gold Ring$159.99
B57-204706-310kt GOLD BRACELET 10.3g Small/thick$170
B57-204607-1SamsungGEAR FIT (1)Samsung Gear Fitness Tracker W/charger$19.99
B57-204476-214kt Scrap Gold 2.7g Earrings$94
B57-204052-1Citizen Eco Drive Wrist Watch$69.99
B57-203302-114kt Scrap Gold 1.6g Busted up ring band$50
B57-203110-114kt scrap gold 0.5g Busted up necklace$10
B57-202990-114kt scrap gold 1.7g$34
B57-202928-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 2.6g Simple$39.99
B57-202705-1InvictaPROJECT ABDA SUBAQUA NOMA IVWRIST WATCH In yellow case$150
B57-202479-1gife card Target 81.00$65
B57-202014-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 1/25pt round$174.99
B57-201992-210KT Gold Braclet Green Stones 6.5$129.99
B57-201663-114kt gold band 4.7g Diamond pattern$140
B57-201639-218kt gold chain 7g Plain$450
B57-201639-114kt gold necklaces 12g 3.$360
B57-201628-114kt scrap gold 7.9g Various broken pieces$240
B57-201604-110kt Scrap gold rings 15.6g 6r$320
B57-201582-114kt Scrap Gold 7.3g Small cross & ring w/big pink oval$220
B57-201501-1ring 2.3g 3/d$110
B57-201437-114kt Scrap Gold 4.6g 1r, 1b, 1n$150
B57-201387-114kt scrap gold 3.4g 1r$100
B57-201372-1gold ring 5.7g Pretzel pattern all the way around$180
B57-201298-110kt scrap gold 0.6g Jesus pendant$10
B57-201296-1GOLD RING 6.8g 2r$144
B57-201182-2NvsnNVSNring 1.3g Hrart ring$30
B57-201150-114kt scrap gold 3.7g Ring missing diamond$110
B57-201148-1ring 2.5g 2.5 14 k$80
B57-201098-110kt gold ring 12.7g Black stone$270
B57-201070-214kt scrap gold rings 8.3g 2 rings$258
B57-201070-110kt scrap gold ring 3.6g Mom$70
B57-201024-114kt GOLD BAND 8.1g 7 diamonds 7@7pts round, 14k gold$310
B57-200919-1GapGap Gift Card $50.00$40
B57-200624-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.3g 1/25pt round (6/03 round 16/03 rectangle)$299.99
B57-200606-1SCRAP GOLD 7.5g Mix$150
B57-200301-1gift card Target-45.89$36
B57-200174-1gift card Target($52)$40
B57-198732-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.2g 1@30pt others$299.99
B57-198575-1Silver Necklace$24.99
B57-198178-1scrap 5.9g 2r$160
B57-198142-102scrap gold$280
B57-198142-101Diamond Ring$99.99
B57-198125-114kt GOLD BAND 2.6g Plain$80
B57-198054-114kt Scrap Diamond Ring 2.9g Bunch tiny 1pt round$90
B57-197990-110kt Scrap Gold 3.5g Not diamonds$80
B57-197659-214kt GOLD BAND 5.5g White gold, 14k, 5.5 grams, 5 small diamonds$200
B57-197430-114kt Gold Anklet/Bracelet 1.9g$69.99
B57-197175-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.5g 1*33, 2*14$549.99
B57-196702-110kt GOLD RING 2.1g Red oval stone in middle$40
B57-196648-1gift card Regal cinema $25.00$20
B57-196600-2CasioG-SHOCK G-001HCWRIST WATCH Multi color$49.99
B57-195961-114kt 14k Scrap Gold 7.9g Assorted earrings and pendants$240
B57-195908-110kt BRACLET 4.5g Scrap gold$90
B57-195860-110kt GOLD BAND 2.2g With fake stones$44
B57-195831-1scrap 2g 1n, i pair e$40
B57-195819-114kt GOLD BAND 4.6g W/ 3 stones$140
B57-195757-110kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g 4 little diamonds on both sides crushed diamonds in middle$110
B57-195722-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.2g 1/05pt round (chips in swirl pattern around main diam)$50
B57-195536-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.3g 1/85pt round$549.99
B57-195495-1SamsungSM-R3600DANXARGear Fit In black box$100
B57-194100-1Walmart$424.01Gift Card Happy birthday card $424.01 gc$360
B57-193939-1Scrap Silver 5.4g 2pend,1 tiny bracelet$4
B57-193895-2Shopko34.64Gift Card Green$28
B57-193895-1Shopko21.00Gift Card Green$16
B57-193373-1TargetNONEGift Card Red$16
B57-193267-114kt GOLD BAND 5.8g Two rings put together$349.99
B57-193165-1Mills Fleet Farm500.00Gift Card American flag$400
B57-192768-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5g Thin/herring bone$170
B57-192664-2Lord Elginscrap gold watch band Gb valued$40
B57-192134-114kt GOLD RING 2.6g Scrap$100
B57-191304-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.8g 1/30pt princess (11/02pt round)$399.99
B57-190325-118kt DIAMOND RING 7.3g 1@21 2 smaller$449.99
B57-190138-1CHROMEFMDAZ2014WRIST WATCH Chrome color$14.99
B57-189662-110kt Scrap rings 4.1g 1 10k white gold ring 1 10k yellow gold ring w/ red stone$90
B57-189406-214kt Scrap Gold Rings 10.1g 3 rings$360
B57-189406-110kt GOLD BRACELET 1.9g Yellow$40
B57-189249-110kt Scrap gold 7.1g Various earrings, necklaces, bracelet etc$14.2
B57-188724-114kt scrap gold 9.7g 3r$350
B57-188602-314kt GOLD BAND 4.6g Plain$158
B57-188602-214kt Gold Band 4.3g Plain$148
B57-188602-114kt Gold pendant 1.1g Tiny anchor/jesus$38
B57-188535-1Younker’s$500Gift Card $500 younker’s gc (verified balance online kaf)$500
B57-188354-1FossilFS-2710WRIST WATCH Silver blue face$19.99
B57-188352-214kt Scrap Gold 60g Various rings necklace etc$2200
B57-188307-314kt Scrap Gold Rings 14.4g 5 rings$300
B57-188307-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.6g 1/85pt round$1599.99
B57-188217-1CitizenCITIZENwatch Silver-grey$99.99
B57-188192-210kt scrap gold 12g 12g$268
B57-188192-1scrap gold 12.1g Mix$462
B57-188103-110kt GOLD NECKLACE 2.9g W/heart locket (yes, i tested w/gold tester) kaf$70
B57-187970-1gift card 125 fleet farm$125
B57-187388-514kt DIAMOND RING 7g 3/10pt round$249.99
B57-187220-214kt Gold Pin 5.9g W/ 57 small diamonds$250
B57-187220-114kt Gold Pin 3.2g Dragon fly w/ purple stone$110
B57-186440-414kt DIAMOND RING 4.8g 1/50pt 2/25pt round$899.99
B57-185645-114kt DIAMOND EARRINGS 0.8g 2 45pt$999.99
B57-184728-1CHARGE HRFitBit In box$100
B57-184460-114kt DIAMOND RING 7.5g 1 60pt 21 smaller diamonds 14k$999.99
B57-183741-110kt GOLD RING 3.8g White (w/couple color stones)$80
B57-183731-1neckace Plain$20
B57-182552-114kt gold earrings 0.06g 14k in white case$16
B57-181274-2DIAMOND PENDANT 0.4g One small dia$20
B57-181274-114kt diamond ring 2.1g Cut$854
B57-180448-114kt ring 2.1g 1@22 round$199.99
B57-180062-114kt ring 2.3g Band 4/10 round$0.01
B57-179720-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.7g 3 round purple (10/02-3pt round)$130
B57-179383-314kt ring 2.2g 1/45 pt$299.99
B57-178616-2necklace 35g 35g silver$22
B57-178597-314kt scrap 6.5g Broken necklace basket weave case$180
B57-178597-210kt ring 0.8g Baby ring$20
B57-178597-1SSkt scrap 22g Broken silver stuff$10
B57-178548-114kt PENDANT 1.5g Blue tooth$50
B57-178513-1scrap 20.1g Mix$220
B57-178421-110kt scrap diamond pendant 2g Missing stone$50
B57-178221-114kt scrap gold necklace 13.9g Busted up/kined herring bone$460
B57-178202-114kt ring 14g Mens neil lane with small diamonds$480
B57-177508-114kt Scrap Dental Gold 15.9g Bridges, crowns etc (mix 14/18k)$520
B57-177449-1pandora Ebay$80
B57-176669-2OakleySTRAIGHT JACETsunglasses Black case$80
B57-176324-2RaybanFLIGHTsunglasses Case$80
B57-175645-2InvictaVENOMWRIST WATCH Yellow box (green/cabon fiber)$99.99
B57-175645-1Triumph3031-05WRIST WATCH Brown box (reversible analong-digital)$99.99
B57-175606-110kt Scrap Gold 14.9g Various$352
B57-175363-118kt ring 7.8g 45pt, 2/20pt, 6/10pt, 13/5 pt$899.99
B57-175034-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.4g 1/28pt round$199.99
B57-174034-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g Small diamonds chips in swirls around large stone@40$499.99
B57-174004-414kt necklace 2.4g Heart$99.99
B57-173876-310kt GOLD RING 4.2g Blue box-large rectangle brown stone$100
B57-173670-2SSkt silver set 17.1g Earrings and necklace$14
B57-173502-1loose stone Yellow cushion$1299.99
B57-173491-114kt GOLD BRACELET 12.8g Cz$430
B57-172970-2Raybansunglasses Yellow frame$100
B57-172821-1SSkt beads Pandora$60
B57-172607-1OakleyFLAKsunglasses Black case$100
B57-172602-1RadoFLORENCEwatch Ebay$200
B57-171525-410kt Ring 1.5g With fake diamon$30
B57-171510-114kt GOLD RING 2.8g Gold ring-1/72 point white diamond w/ 2 red stones$1024.99
B57-171133-1Pandorabracelt In orig box with 7 beads$180
B57-170386-110kt GOLD RING 2.9g Diam chips (snowflakey design)$70
B57-170278-110kt scrap 2.3g No middle stone$60
B57-170151-3SSkt bracelet 13.1g Stars–i dunno$10
B57-169795-1beads None$80
B57-168983-114kt scrap 1.2g Tooth$40
B57-168861-214kt DIAMOND PENDANT 4.8g Ton of tiny (<5pt round & rectangle)$220
B57-168859-510kt ring 1.1g Green stone$24.99
B57-168852-114kt scrap 1.9g 2 pieces$70
B57-168791-114kt ring 4.4g 1@22 round$299.99
B57-168290-118kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g 1@30, 2@8$399.99
B57-168137-1FossilFS-2696WRIST WATCH Silver band/greyish face (”arkitek”)$39.99
B57-167768-214kt DIAMOND RING 3.8g 1/20pt 2/15 all round$299.99
B57-167474-310kt scrap 14.6g Lots of stuff$314
B57-167428-114kt ring 3.1g Green stone$99.99
B57-166759-1RaybanCLUBMASTERsunglasses Ebay$90
B57-166468-114kt DIAMOND RING 7.7g 1/40pt 1/13 1/10 (20 more <5pts ea) w/papers$699.99
B57-166380-110kt ring 1.6g ”s”$40
B57-166309-114kt DIAMOND RING 2g 1/100pt round (slightly yellow)$1499.99
B57-166304-110kt EARRINGS 0.7g Hollow hoop$20
B57-166126-114kt Diamond Ring 1@22 round$199.99
B57-166043-118kt BRACLET 5.3g Rope$230
B57-165993-114kt Gold pendant 2.1g Football helmet$50
B57-165828-214kt ring 4.9g 1@25 round$249.99
B57-165804-114kt ring 1.4g 40 pt round$399.99
B57-165780-1KohlsNVSNgift card 109.76 balance$87
B57-165760-4giftcard 25 balance, gb ok’d$20
B57-165741-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 1/20pt round$199.99
B57-165705-2Fossil10ATMwatch Silver band$34.99
B57-165530-4PandoraBRACLET Silver$40
B57-165530-1PandoraEARRINGS Silver hoops$30
B57-165250-210kt GOLD RING 1.4g Red Oval$39.99
B57-165066-114kt ring 5.7g 33 pt round 4 additioal$349.99
B57-164960-114kt scrap ring 6.2g Fake diamond$220
B57-164835-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.5g 1*55, 2*13$799.99
B57-164404-114kt Diamond Ring 1.6g 1/13pt marquee$79.99
B57-164356-114kt BRACLET 6g Plain links$179.99
B57-164253-1SSkt silverwear 500g Bunch$322
B57-164047-2Loose Diamond 1/50pt emerald cut$499.99
B57-163827-114kt ring 2.5g 4 small stones, 20 stones down sides$89.99
B57-163469-414kt EARRINGS 0.4g Leaves$10
B57-163428-214kt necklace 3.8g With heart pendant$120
B57-163215-1Loose Diamond 1/40pt oval$129.99
B57-163043-214kt scrap 17.7g 2n 3 rings 1@14 round$640
B57-162676-1scrap gold 2g Pin$40
B57-162645-114kt Scrap gold 13.7g 2n$320
B57-162494-110kt Ring 2.6g Set, 1@.30$299.99
B57-162076-2WRIST WATCH Citizen$79.99
B57-161809-114kt ring 2.7g 24 pt princess 12 pt princess$299.99
B57-161686-114kt ring 1.6g Marq Diamond$199.99
B57-161509-214kt necklace 29.7g Square grooves$899.99
B57-161509-114kt slide 9.5g With small diamonds$389.99
B57-161190-103Gold ring (w/purple oval & 2 diam chips) 1.4k/10k$39.99
B57-161097-214kt ring 2.3g 29 pt round$229.99
B57-161048-114kt ring 5.8g 25 pt round$299.99
B57-160840-314kt ring 4.8g 38 pt round$499.99
B57-160840-214kt ring 2.2g 35 round, 2 13 round, 4 8pt$499.99
B57-160479-6necklace 10g Small$6
B57-160479-510kt scrap 1.2g Ring with pearl$30
B57-160479-4ring 3.1g Set$70
B57-160479-3scrap 3.7g 2 pair earrings$100
B57-160479-2necklace 2.8g With small pendats$100
B57-160479-1bracelet 6.2g Scrap$230
B57-160445-110kt rings 17.5g 2 class rings$440
B57-160439-1necklace 30g Jewls$30
B57-160373-110kt ring 5.1g Cluster missing stones$130
B57-160340-110kt Scrap gold necklace 45.2g W/cross$1000
B57-159909-114kt scrap gold necklace 4.9g Yellow (has 24k style clasp) tests as 14k for chain$170
B57-159417-310kt rings 7.2g 2 rings$180
B57-159417-218kt ring 2g Scrap$90
B57-159417-114kt scrap 5.1g 2 rings one necklace$190
B57-158898-2Pandora Bracelet 59.3g With about 14 charms$120
B57-158615-114kt scrap gold bracelet 4.3g Broken clasp$130
B57-158544-110kt scrap 3.1g Mix 10 and 14 3p$100
B57-158182-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1/13pt (12 chips)$89.99
B57-157119-1pandora bracelet 2 charms$50
B57-156838-1GOLD RING 2.9g 2 bands$48
B57-156406-214kt scrap 2.1g 3 diamonds on band$80
B57-156336-1scrap 4.1g A real gold tooth$100
B57-156282-114kt cross 0.6g Small diamond$20
B57-156103-1FossilBLUEwatch Gold and silver$39.99
B57-156020-114kt ring set 8.3g 1 20 point with 8 small diamonds on band second ring has 9 small diamonds on the band$399.99
B57-155762-114kt EARRINGS 0.6g 2-20 pt diamonds$199.99
B57-155490-114kt ring 1.9g 35 pt round$349.99
B57-155170-1StauerATOMICWRIST WATCH In orig box w/manual & cleaning cloth$39.99
B57-154693-114kt ring 5.6g 1@30 round 4@5$399.99
B57-154476-114kt PENDANT 0.4g 1 50 pt,$399.99
B57-153928-114kt ring 2.8g 43 pt princess$599.99
B57-153741-101Diamond Ring 1*30 2.3g$289.99
B57-152951-114kt ring 3g Round center stone$249.99
B57-152701-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.4g 1@75 i round$799.99
B57-152551-345kt EARRINGS 0.5g Single round$199.99
B57-152551-214kt EARRINGS 0.5g Round$249.99
B57-151961-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.6g 1*30$399.99
B57-151279-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 1@25, 2@20$349.99
B57-150793-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.8g 1@45 and 2@33 round$999.99
B57-150787-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 1/25pt princess$279.99
B57-150636-1EARRINGS 2@50 round (i)$599.99
B57-150235-1SSkt WRIST WATCH 125g No box$450
B57-150204-114kt ring 3.95g 1@60round$699.99
B57-149754-1SSkt scrap 50g$70
B57-149199-1pandora braclet Pandora braclet with 5 beads$110
B57-148183-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.8g 1@20$189.99
B57-147605-110kt GOLD RING 1.6g White stone on top$50
B57-147483-114kt DIAMOND RING 6.2g 1@45, 8@12, 4@10$799.99
B57-147176-414kt DIAMOND RING 4.3g 1/25pt round$299.99
B57-147054-1FossilES-9423WRIST WATCH Purple face/silver band$14.99
B57-146962-114kt ring 1.93g 1@22 round$229.99
B57-146149-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.9g 1/30pt princess$299.99
B57-146123-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.9g 1/40pt round$499.99
B57-145905-110kt ring 2.4g 10 small stones on top$70
B57-145902-110kt scrap gold 6.6g 3r$170
B57-145665-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1*.4, 2*.30$399.99
B57-145370-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.8g 1/25pt round$349.99
B57-145161-1BRACELET 7.8g Bowtie In Center$359.99
B57-143684-2Mickey Mouse Watch In Original Box$9.99
B57-141977-214kt ring 1.8g Diamond ring 1@12$149.99
B57-140830-114kt GOLD BAND 8.5g Cross pattern$400
B57-140753-110kt ring 1.45g Small diamond round$40
B57-140476-1Loose Diamond 1/40pt round$399.99
B57-140408-1BRACLET 77.31g Green stone in the middle larger bracelt$100
B57-140392-1Earring 1@30$199.99
B57-139885-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.8g 1/50pt Round 6/10 Princess (7/03 round)$799.99
B57-139392-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.57g 14k 3.57g 1@30, 2@4$399.99
B57-138910-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.9g 1/40pt princess$449.99
B57-138408-114kt ring 7.1g 1@40 20@5$699.99
B57-137114-110kt scrap 6.2g 3r$200
B57-137104-214kt DIAMOND RING 1.5g 7/02pt round$70
B57-137104-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1/50pt round$699.99
B57-136805-110kt GOLD RING 3g 7 chips$100
B57-136058-114kt ring 1.5g 1@20 pts$209.99
B57-134924-314kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1/25pt round$299.99
B57-133816-114kt ring 4.4g 1@22 7 small diamonds$0.0000
B57-133208-214kt scrap 7.2g 1b, 1n$290
B57-132457-114kt ring 3.5g 2r set, 1@20$259.99
B57-132369-110kt ring 5g 1@30 14 under 5$399.99
B57-132366-214kt scrap 6.9g 5@10, 8@5$450
B57-131881-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.1g 1/40pt 2/20 all princess$429.99
B57-131780-1SeikoSPORTS 200watch Black face$99.99
B57-131716-110kt GOLD RING 1.6g Red stone$50
B57-130039-114kt DIAMOND RING 13.9g 14kt gold diamond ring 13.9g 1~45pts, 32~4pts or less$899.99
B57-129111-2FossilMP2000watch Mopar edition$19.99
B57-128854-210kt DIAMOND RING 1.7g 2/01pt round (clear blue stone)$40
B57-128327-214kt ring 3.7g 7 colored stones$140
B57-127526-114kt scrap gold 9.9g 9+.9$320
B57-127421-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5.2g W/3 small elephant charms & 3 blue$180
B57-127261-114kt GOLD BRACELET 18.4g Hollow$400
B57-127162-214kt DIAMOND RING 3.4g 14kt gold diamond ring 12~1.5 3.4g$124
B57-127162-110kt band 0.7g 10kt gold band 0.7g$18
B57-127060-114kt ring 2g 1@20pts$159.99
B57-127041-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.3g 1/40pt princess$449.99
B57-126760-114kt ring 10.8g 12@under 5$400
B57-126227-214kt DIAMOND RING 1.8g 1@75$499.99
B57-126224-1diamond 1 @ 85pts$699.99
B57-126207-214kt Diamond ring 4.3g 1@15$219.99
B57-125083-2FossilPR-5196watch White face$34.99
B57-125053-210kt BRACLET 3.6g Smooth$90
B57-124821-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.7g 1@45, 2@15$599.99
B57-124782-414kt DIAMOND RING 3.7g 2@20, 1@40$699.99
B57-124719-114kt necklace 3g Scrap$110
B57-124703-214kt GOLD 15.7g Misc gold$606
B57-124703-110kt gold 14.1g Misc gold$364
B57-124679-114kt necklace 4g Gold necklace$150
B57-124669-110kt ring 1.3g W/ clear heart gem$32
B57-124667-114kt necklace 2.5g Gold necklace with praying hands pendant$100
B57-124626-114kt scrap gold 11.3g Ring, broken necklaces etc$400
B57-124607-210kt scrap gold 3.1g Earrings, ring with stone pendant with pink stone$74
B57-124607-114kt Gold BRACLET 3.8g Scrap gold$136
B57-124602-114kt scrap gold band 9.6g Inscribed on inside$340
B57-124590-114kt scrap gold 6.9g 2 necklace, 2 earings, 1 ring$260
B57-124587-2bracelet 30g Charm bracelet$28
B57-124587-114kt earings 0.7g Gold earings$26
B57-124534-114kt scrap gold 14.2g 14.2$600
B57-124525-114kt goldring 2g With fake stone$80
B57-124494-318kt scrap gold 1.6g Gold ring$70
B57-124494-210kt scrap gold 3.6g Gold rings$90
B57-124494-114kt scrap gold 25.9g Rings, bracelet,, earrings, necklas$960
B57-124236-1Citizenwatch Black face$79.99
B57-124136-114kt ring 4.5g 1@44 2@15 2@6$699.99
B57-123563-114kt GOLD RING 5.1g With black stone$170
B57-123425-114kt DIAMOND RING 5.5g 5/05pt all round$220
B57-123283-1sillver 116g Various$90
B57-123200-110kt GOLD BAND 2.2g Harley$40
B57-123156-110kt GOLD RING 2.8g 1 red oval$64
B57-122707-110kt necklace 3.7g 1n 1p 1r$80
B57-122705-110kt BRACLET 5.5g 1b 1r$180
B57-122640-114kt GOLD RING 4g 5 small stones$130
B57-122618-214kt GOLD RING 6.3g Brown stone$200
B57-122618-110kt scrap gold 6.5g 10$140
B57-122601-110kt diamond braclet 4.3g Tennis braclet bunch of small diamonds$100
B57-122599-110kt 10k scrap 2.9g 5e$60
B57-122597-2EARRINGS 1e 1@13$36
B57-122597-110kt riong 3.3g 1r 1e$74
B57-122396-1SILVER BAR Siler$850
B57-122284-1SILVER NECKLACE 1270g Big$800
B57-122033-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.6g 1/08pt round$90
B57-121693-314kt scrap gold 47g Various rings, bracelets and necklaces$1460
B57-121693-214kt DIAMOND RING 4.7g 1/40pt round$530
B57-121521-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.7g 1@60$799.99
B57-121488-114kt GOLD BAND 15.8g Duck design$480
B57-121002-114kt necklace 18.2g 1n 1p$540
B57-120410-210kt GOLD RING 1.7g Dolphin design$34
B57-120410-114kt scrap gold ring 5.4g Fake diamonds$166
B57-120160-110kt scrap gold 8.4g 4 rings$202
B57-120002-114kt scrap gold 8.2g Necklace & tinkerbell pendant$240
B57-119914-114kt ring 1.8g 1@15$99.99
B57-119277-114kt ring 7.5g 3r$240
B57-119253-222kt rings 6.4g 2r$340
B57-119253-114kt BRACLET 7.8g 1b$260
B57-119246-2scrap silver 16.5g 2rings/1necklace$12
B57-119246-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 4g W/3 circle charm$128
B57-119235-110kt ring 10.3g 3r 1b 1n 1e$220
B57-119231-114kt ring 4.1g 3r 1e$130
B57-119194-114kt necklace 4.4g 1n 1r$150
B57-119191-110kt GOLD BAND 1.7g With small dia$40
B57-119190-114kt necklace 4g 1n 1p$130
B57-119189-114kt GOLD NECKLACE 5.2g Rope$166
B57-119014-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 1@25$239.99
B57-117897-114kt DIAMOND PENDANT 0.2g 1@22$109.99
B57-117555-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g Green stone$40
B57-117425-210kt DIAMOND RING 4.9g 1/10pt marquise 6/03 round$130
B57-117425-110kt DIAMOND RING 3.3g 6/02pt round (red marquise stone)$70
B57-116818-110kt RING 3.5g 1r$60
B57-116807-214kt 14k scrap 10g 3r$320
B57-116807-110kt 10k scrap 6.8g 3r$150
B57-116795-110kt scrap gold 7.1g Various$160
B57-116778-114kt EARRINGS 1g Scrap$30
B57-116769-214kt DIAMOND RING 1.6g 1*10$62
B57-116769-114kt scrap gold 12.3g 3r 1n$383
B57-116737-110kt ring 3g Blue stone$60
B57-116715-1COINS-SILVER 7.4g 1 dime, 1 nickle$6
B57-116705-114kt scrap 16.4g 2e, 2r, 1b$550
B57-116687-114kt scrap gold 55g 55.0$1705.76
B57-116685-110kt ring 3g Band$64
B57-116678-114kt DIAMOND RING 8.8g 5*.07$334.5
B57-116672-214kt GOLD BAND 4.5g None$140
B57-116584-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g 1*.40$599.99
B57-116417-1BulovaMARINE STARWRIST WATCH Blk band/face 100m$79.99
B57-116263-214kt ring 2g Smooth$60
B57-116063-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.5g 1*28$199.99
B57-115766-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.3g 1@25$189.99
B57-115331-114kt DIAMOND PENDANT 0.2g 1/20pt round$99.99
B57-115291-114kt necklace 13.3g Cross pendant$400
B57-114954-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.1g 1/13pt round$99.99
B57-114914-2Small chips$0.0000
B57-114879-114kt scrap 2.1g Various$60
B57-114416-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.9g 1@30 2@8$399.99
B57-113767-214kt scrap 2.9g Chain & dolphin$90
B57-113767-110kt scrap 5.5g 3 rings 1w/blue stone$120
B57-113753-110kt scrap gold 6.8g Various earrings, etc$150
B57-113722-210kt ring 1.3g Yelow stone$30
B57-113722-114kt necklace 30.6g 1n 3 r$940
B57-113714-114kt scrap gold ring 1.9g Missing diamond$60
B57-113705-110kt ring 2.4g Band$50
B57-112728-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.7g 1@50$599.99
B57-112337-114kt GOLD BAND 4.1g Center ring indented$130
B57-112309-2scrap 3g Scrap gold$90
B57-112309-114kt scrap 23.3g Scrap gold$780
B57-112298-110kt scrap 9.3g Set or earings and 5 rings$230
B57-112296-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.7g 1@52$599.99
B57-112237-5silver 218.5g Silver$127.4
B57-111826-114kt DIAMOND RING 3.1g 1/50pt round$699.99
B57-111744-2WRIST WATCH Set of mens/ladies geneva watches$19.99
B57-111446-1coins Bunch of pennies$20
B57-111440-214kt DIAMOND RING 1.5g 30pt$319.99
B57-110959-110kt PENDANT 5.3g 4p 1e 1pin$100
B57-110938-114kt ring 12g 2r 7@4$330
B57-110931-114kt GOLD BRACELET 0.9g None$24
B57-110908-310kt diamond ring 1.9g Diamond chips (3 oval purple stones)$38
B57-110614-214kt ring 5.4g 1@13$174
B57-110415-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.8g 1@30$299.99
B57-110401-1SILVER NECKLACE 33.5g None$18
B57-110071-114kt ring 3.8g 1@24$208
B57-109733-1diamonds 1@24 1@6$120
B57-109708-214kt DIAMOND EARRINGS 0.4g 1@52$499.99
B57-109466-1scrap silver 6.3g Various$4
B57-109282-110kt scrap gold 14.7g Various$240
B57-109281-114kt DIAMOND RING 4.5g 1*41, 20*.02$429.99
B57-109249-114kt GOLD RING 2.5g Bunch of color stones$62
B57-109237-110kt DIAMOND RING 1.4g 1@6$32
B57-109010-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.8g 1@30$289.99
B57-108662-110kt scrap gold 14.4g 4r$254
B57-108257-418kt scrap gold 15.4g Various$480
B57-106950-114kt DIAMOND RING 1.7g 1/33pt round$289.99
B57-106220-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.8g 1@16 points$110
B57-106159-110kt 10K SCRAP 15.7g Bunch of rings$280
B57-104423-1diamonds 2@40$399.99
B57-100530-1scrap silver 68.9g All kinds$24
781152571.67G14KT Y GOLD BAND 1.67G$18
7805615719.3G14KT Y SCRAP GOLD 19.3G ”CAPI$200
727201571.8G14KT Y DIAMOND RING 1.8G 1/40$349.99

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